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New ActiveReports Product Coming Soon

The ActiveReports team has been busy lately working on a software tool that we think you will love. If you are unfamiliar with ActiveReports, you can get more information here. In short, it's a .NET- based reporting tool. If you're familiar with ActiveReports or have used it before, then I have some exciting news…

ActiveReports is Coming to the Web

That's right! We are working on a JavaScript version of ActiveReports and it will be available soon.

In recent years, we have received many inquiries about lightweight reporting, and we believe that ActiveReportsJS is the answer. Reporting in today's industries is very important, and we wanted to improve the process and experience of creating and generating reports with a faster and more flexible tool.

ActiveReports for Javascript is a fully client-side reporting tool. This means that a server isn't required, so your backend can live in any environment including Mac and Linux. As a JavaScript-based reporting tool, all of the reporting operations are shifted to the browser. This opens up the door to new ways to use ActiveReports.

Since ActiveReports for JavaScript is a client-side tool, there are no requirements to use server-side technologies. This opens the door for more ways to generate reports. You can embed data files and generate reports on the fly without server involvement. Report generation and rendering speeds are drastically improved.

You can view reports on multiple devices including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. ARJS will ultimately enhance the user's experiences in the browser.

ActiveReports for JavaScript can help you modernize your applications and improve performance for lightweight reporting. It will also enhance your user experiences when interacting with reports.

Stay tuned to GrapeCity announcements for more information on our new JavaScript-based ActiveReports product!

Troy Taylor

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