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Microsoft Build 2019 Recap

Did you miss Microsoft Build 2019?

If so, take a look at our recap as we have three GrapeCity devs discuss their experiences and key takeaways from Build 2019!

I always get excited heading out to the west coast for Microsoft Build. I get a chance to chat with the various Microsoft teams about the different software and projects that they are working on. The overarching theme for the year (and I’m sure subsequent years) was AI and services.

Microsoft is all in on its cloud strategy and has made some significant advancements in technology and software that utilize AI to make experiences better for everyone. .NET developers also had a lot to talk about with the .NET Framework 5 announced as well as some information on .NET Core 3.

~ Justin Mack, Director of Customer Engagement

Build had a lot of good news for .NET developers this year. Microsoft's roadmap for .Net includes the long awaited release of .Net Core 3.0 this fall, and a convergence of Mono and .NET Core next year (with the reduced successor to both being called .NET 5 introducing-net-5). They're also committing to yearly cadence for major updates to the platform going forward.

Microsoft also released a preview of Visual Studio 2019 that contains some features that will be coming later this year. The XAML designer preview will be of interest for WPF developers thinking about moving to .NET Core 3.0.

One of my favorite things I saw during Build was interactive documentation that you can produce using Microsoft's Try .NET. It allows you to create very cool documentation playgrounds where you can write and run C# code in your browser.

~ Kelley Ricker, ComponenetOne Product Manager

Microsoft Build was a great learning experience. From experiencing the new emerging technologies like the HoloLens 2, AI advancements in Azure, Build has given me some great insight into what’s instore for the future of technology.

It was also great to see the partner collaboration projects and how they are using these new advancements. I am excited to see the future of Microsoft and the community as a whole.

~ Alex Risch, Customer Engagement Engineer

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Kelley Ricker

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