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Introducing GrapeCity Documents for Excel - Java CTP

Introducing GrapeCity Documents for Excel - Java CTP

If you're programming in Java and looking for an Excel API that works with Excel documents, we have good news for you! GrapeCity is pleased to launch Documents for Excel (GcExcel) - Java CTP.

GcExcel is a high-speed, feature-rich Excel document API based on VSTO. We recently released the GcExcel for .NET Version in April, and with this launch it's now possible to use a similar package in Java applications.

The library helps to generate, convert, calculate, format, and parse spreadsheets in any Java application. The feature set helps you with a variety of actions like importing spreadsheets, calculating data, querying, generating, and exporting any spreadsheet. Users can also add sorting, filtering, formatting, and conditional formatting in their spreadsheets and validate data as well. Other features include add grouping, sparklines, charts, shapes, pictures, slicers, comments, hyperlinks, and themes. Additionally, you can import existing Excel templates, add data, and then save the spreadsheets back.

GcExcel also works together with Spread.Sheets, another GrapeCity Spread product that is included in SpreadJS. GcExcel can import and export Excel template files on the server side. Spread.Sheets works in the browser (client side) as a viewer or editor.

The library is fast, efficient and lightweight. GcExcel for Java includes all features that are supported in the .NET version, allowing developers to fulfil complex business use cases and work with Excel documents in Java applications.

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Sign up for Beta

Be our Beta testers! We would love to hear your feedback. Please email your interest to Once we receive your information, we’ll send you the Reviewers Guide that contains a download link for the package, samples, a detailed feature list of the product, and a getting started tutorial.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Learn more about Documents for Excel API, Java Edition

Shilpa Sharma - Product Manager

Shilpa Sharma

Product Manager
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