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Introducing ActiveReportsJS - A JavaScript Reporting Solution

Introducing GrapeCity’s latest JavaScript reporting solution, ActiveReportsJS. This lightweight reporting solution helps with both the production and distribution of reports. It includes a rich API that can easily be embedded and customized for your reports.

Recently there have been many inquiries about a lightweight reporting option. With ActiveReportsJS, we now have that solution. ActiveReportsJS improves the reporting process by creating and generating reports quickly and easily.

ActiveReportsJS is a fully client-side reporting tool. This means that a server isn't required, so your backend can live in any environment including Mac and Linux. As a JavaScript-based reporting tool, all reporting operations are shifted to the browser. You can embed data files and generate ad-hoc reports on demand without server involvement. Report generation and rendering speeds are drastically improved.

You can view reports on multiple devices including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. ActiveReportsJS will enhance the user's experiences in the browser and can help modernize your applications with improved performance for lightweight reporting.

Active ReportsJS Features:

High Performance ActiveReports Engine

Leverage the powerful JavaScript API reporting tool to create lightweight analysis, budgeting, and financial reports.

Dynamic Reporting

Built-in support for drill down, drill through, and expressions for conditional formatting.

Multiple Report Types

Pick from layout-driven page reports or data-driven RDL reports to create a full-featured report library.

JavaScript Reporting for Any Framework

Compatible with Angular, React, and Vue.

No External Dependencies

Written in TypeScript. Use in any web application. Customizable, and easy to use in VSCode.

  • Cross-Platform Designer
  • PDF and Excel Exports
  • Fast Reporting Engine
  • Render your Reports in the Browser

A JavaScript library for a lightweight reporting solution to help with the production and distribution of reports. With the rich API, you can easily embed, and customize, ActiveReportsJS in your application. Use the accompanying designer to build from multiple report types: layout-driven (Page) and data-driven (RDL) report layouts. Reports can quickly render on the client, on any major browser with no server dependencies.

Licensing and Pricing:

ActiveReportsJS Single Deployment License SKU ARJS01DA03 Price $1499 Includes 1 domain and 2 additional domains for testing at no cost.

ActiveReportsJS Single Domain License SKU ARJA01DUA01 Price $5999 Includes unlimited sub domains (*.domain) for single deployment license

ActiveReportsJS Unlimited Domain License Direct Customer to GrapeCity Sales Includes unlimited domains (.)

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Troy Taylor

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