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Important SpreadJS Notice: License Changes, Name Changes, and a New Product

We have just released Spread Studio v9 Sp1 and SpreadJS v9 Sp1 and a few announcements come with this release.

SpreadJS is No Longer Part of Spread Studio

SpreadJS is growing into its own product line (see the Spread.Views announcement below). Starting with this release, it is no longer licensed with Spread Studio. Don't worry, Spread Studio customers are still eligible for the Sp1 update. A few important things to remember:

  • SpreadJS will need its own key to unlock the designer and the ExcelIO component. An email to Spread Studio 9 owners has been sent with that key. If you did not receive that email, please email
  • Each Spread Studio 9 license without maintenance is eligible for a free upgrade to a SpreadJS 9 Sp1 developer license. When SpreadJS v10 is released, it will require a separate upgrade purchase.
  • Each Spread Studio 9 license with maintenance will receive a SpreadJS 9 Sp1 license and a SpreadJS 10 upgrade license. After v10, SpreadJS will need to be purchased separately.

Note that SpreadJS is licensed per developer. Separate license agreements are required for use in commercial applications. Email to learn more.

Introducing the Spread.Views Community Technology Preview

We are adding a new component to the SpreadJS family! Spread.Views is an innovative, high-performance JavaScript data presentation and layout component that goes beyond traditional tabular display by including a variety of views such as grid, tree, card, masonry, trellis, timeline, Gantt, and calendar. Spread.Views provides ultimate flexibility by making layouts, row templates, data fields, calculations, and editing modes completely and easily customizable. Spread.Views is available as Community Technology Preview and the first version will be released this November with SpreadJS v10.

SpreadJS is Becoming Spread.Sheets

What you now know as SpreadJS will become Spread.Sheets. SpreadJS is the name for Spread's JavaScript product family. SpreadJS Product Line:

  • Spread.Sheets: Our flagship JavaScript spreadsheet component
  • Spread.Views: Our new data presentation and layout component


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