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How to Silently Install and Activate ComponentOne .NET Controls

With the increasing trend of automation, we receive several customer requests asking how to silently install & activate ComponentOne controls on their machines, which can be a local/dev/test or a server machine. These requests come from customers who wish to automate their build process (over a local machine, cloud, or both). To meet such demands, a powershell script is needed.

As the name suggests, silent installation does not display any messages, windows, or dialogs during the process. Let's see now how this can be done.

Note: Our installers have a built-in provision to run a silent install. But first, you'll need to run few scripts to activate the license key on the machine, or the installation will run in the Trial mode by default.

Silently activate the license and install ComponentOne controls:

  1. Download the latest ComponentOne licensing application (*.exe)

  2. Open and run the command prompt with Administrator rights. Providing Administrator rights is essential, otherwise, you will receive a pop-up window asking for user-details.

  3. Type the following command:

"path\C1LicenseActivation.exe" /as:serialkey /u:name /c:company

The path refers to the location where you have placed the licensing application, serialkey refers to the ComponentOne key you purchased, name refers to the UserName under which you wish to activate the license, and company refers to the name of your company.

Once you press the Enter key, your license will be activated for ComponentOne controls and you'll be ready for silent installation.

  1. Syntax for ComponentOne silent installation:
    installerexe -i -s -p"productcode1,productcode2"
    Eg: C:\Users\[UserName]\Desktop\C1StudiosInstallerv20181.1.17.exe –i –s –pWIF,WPF,MVC

At the bottom, you'll find a list of product codes to use with the silent installation. This process is single threaded and installs the products, one after another.

You can find the installation log in: MyDocuments\C1StudiosWebInstaller.log or MyDocuments\C1StudiosInstaller.log. This is updated every 3 seconds.

Product codes to be used with silent installation:

How to Silently Install and Activate ComponentOne .NET Controls

Happy development using ComponentOne!

If you have any questions about this tutorial, please leave us a comment. Additionally, if you have a request for a specific demo, be sure to leave a comment below!

Ruchir Agarwal

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