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How to License SpreadJS V11 in Your Application

In addition to all the great new features we introduced in SpreadJS v11, such as charts and more functions support, we’ve also simplified the licensing. In this blog I'll go over runtime licenses, designer licenses, and how to properly use them in your application.

SpreadJS Files

In SpreadJS V10, there were two separate sets of files: one for evaluation and one for production. The evaluation files could only be used with an evaluation license, and the production files could only be used with a production license. With V11, we've combined these into one file: you now only need one zip file, and the license will determine how the files behave at runtime.

Purchased License

When you purchase SpreadJS v11, you'll receive an email with information about the licenses you purchased. For each license, you'll get one Product Key. This is for internal tracking purposes only, and is not used when using your license in code.

The other key you'll receive is a Distribution Key, which will be attached in a TXT file to the email. When licensing the product, you'll want to use the long key in that file, called “License Key”.

Runtime Licensing

With every developer license, you'll receive one distribution license. This is the key you'll use in the script code.

If you need a distribution key to deploy your SpreadJS app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the My Licenses section of the website. You may have to log in to access your licenses.

  2. In your distribution licenses, click Create Distribution Key.

  3. On the next page, enter your domains. Subdomains must be registered separately. The maximum number of domains is determined by how many distribution licenses you’ve purchased but have not registered.

  4. Once your key is generated, copy and paste it where you can easily reference it.

  5. Add the key to your app.

The license for SpreadJS v11 is set via script code, same as v10. This is done by setting the GC.Spread.Sheets.LicenseKey before creating a new Workbook() instance:

  GC.Spread.Sheets.LicenseKey = " [your Distribution license key here]";

Watch the video:

Trial/Evaluation Licensing

After you download SpreadJS, you'll receive a 90-day evaluation key that doesn’t have any restrictions on domain-names. You can use this key when you test the deployment of your application, and SpreadJS will display a watermark:

SpreadJS watermark

This watermark, the unlimited domains, and the time cap are the only difference between the evaluation and production license keys.

Designer Licensing

The Designer license is a separate key from the runtime license key, and is used to unlock the SpreadJS Designer. One of the license keys you receive when you purchase SpreadJS will be marked as “Designer” and will have “Designer“ in front of it. To unlock the SJS V11 Designer, click on the lock icon in the top of the designer:

SpreadJS Designer lock icon

In the window that pops up, enter your designer license key and click OK:

Enter the SpreadJS license key

The designer will restart and should be unlocked if the key is valid.

Running SpreadJS without a key

If a valid license key is not provided, SpreadJS can still run locally without any errors. This essentially means that SpreadJS will run on the following addresses without a license key:

  • http(s)://localhost
  • http(s)://
  • file://xxxx

However, if the application with SpreadJS is deployed to a domain without a valid license, Spread.Sheets will display an error message:

SpreadJS license not found error

Incorrect License

If the license set in code is not correct, SpreadJS will display an error letting you know that the license is not correct:

SpreadJS license invalid error

Other Deployment Scenarios

When you deploy a mobile or JVM application, only one deployment license is needed per named application (not for each phone or JVM). Otherwise, every one domain needs one distribution license.

If you have any questions about licensing your application with SpreadJS V11, please contact the Spread Sales team at

Download SpreadJS v11

Kevin Ashley - Spread Product Manager

Kevin Ashley

Product Manager
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