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GrapeCity Team on Air with TechVibe Radio

The team was a bit awestruck last month when we walked into the recording studio at KDKA to meet with the Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC) President, Audrey Russo and Jonathan Kersting, VP of Communicatons and Media for the PTC. We enjoyed being invited to go air to talk about the GrapeCity Echo Conference we held mid-November. While on air, my colleagues Greg Lutz and Ross Dederer chatted about native and cross-platform mobile application development. From sharing session topics from Echo to offering insight on emerging technology trends, the conversation highlighted cutting-edge topics. To listen to the full recording, download the MP3 Thanks to the PTC and to all of those who supported this year's Echo Conference. If you are interested future Echo events, email echopgh at grapecity dot com to get on the mailing list.


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