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GrapeCity Documents Roadmap 2021

With significant additions to the GrapeCity Documents product line in 2020, we are excited to share our plans for 2021. This year will see more feature additions and catering to our customers' requests to automate common document processes across industries and applications. We are sure you will find some interesting new features to cover your business use cases while working with documents.
Here are some key highlights of the new features you can expect.

GrapeCity Documents for PDF

GrapeCity Documents for PDF (GcPdf) conforms to a large part of Adobe PDF specification 2.0. We are accelerating our work to conform to the Adobe 2.0 specification 100%, so our customers get everything they need in a single API. We introduced features like extracting text/paragraphs/tables from PDF documents, complete redaction of content in PDF documents and more, last year. In 2021, our focus will be to continue enhancing this support. Here are the additional features you can expect in 2021:

  • Defining polygonal redaction area
  • Comprehensive coverage of PDF specification
  • Improved recognition of the logical document structure of PDFs
  • Advanced data extraction from PDF tables
  • Support for Type1 PDF fonts

GrapeCity Documents JavaScript PDF Viewer

A pure JavaScript client-side control, GcDocs PDF Viewer, supports all standard features of a PDF document viewer, and last year we added advanced PDF Editing capabilities to the viewer. There were a couple of additions made in 2020. We added more interactive features to the viewer/editor - like Comment/Reply support, Collaboration features, PDF Form Filling on small devices, advanced search and HTML5 input type support in PDF Forms, and more. In 2021, feature enhancements will cover some common business requirements useful in document workflows:

  • New Signature tool for PDF documents.
  • Adding Image upload/attachment support
  • Improve editing modes support on touch devices
  • Improve PDF editing functionality

GrapeCity Documents for Excel

GrapeCity Documents for Excel (GcExcel) is a detailed Excel API based on Excel's document object model that allows you to generate and work with .xlsx spreadsheets with fast performance and small footprint .NET 5 applications. A significant addition to GcExcel has been the support of Excel Templates to avoid creating professional Excel reports from scratch. It automates this requirement by automatically binding the Excel Templates with data and avoiding errors resulting from manual updates to hundreds of Excel documents. We will extend the feature set to make it possible to achieve more complex use cases for your Excel spreadsheets. Documents for Excel (GcExcel) is available in both .NET and Java with the same feature parity and performance.

  • Enhancing Excel Templates support with more scenarios to cover
  • Adding Input mask support to HTML5 input types in Excel Templates
  • Support exporting Charts to PDF documents using GcExcel Java
  • Provide more support for GrapeCity SpreadJS(client-side) features
  • Expand GcExcel object model to support more MS Excel features
    • Support more Functions
    • Support for Dynamic array
  • Additional CSV Import options and Import function

GrapeCity Documents for Word

GrapeCity Documents for Word (GcWord) offer a rich and comprehensive object model that is simple to use and is based on Microsoft Office API, Word Javascript API, and OpenXML SDK. Last year, we released the support of Report Templates, which helps binding Word documents with data and generate Word .docx reports containing advanced layouts. In 2021, we enhance this support even further to cater to your advanced business use cases. The list includes:

  • Major improvements in Word to PDF export
  • Supporting more scenarios with GcWord Report templates
  • Expand GcWord object model to support more MS Word features
  • Support loading documents of other formats in Word documents

GrapeCity Documents for Imaging

GrapeCity Documents for Imaging(GcImaging) is an imaging library that can create, load, modify and save images in .NET Core applications with full support on Windows, macOS, Linux, AWS Lambda & Azure functions. GcImaging supports exclusive algorithms for image processing. The list for 2021 includes:

  • More real-time samples and services that demonstrate image processing features.
  • Support for more image formats

Stay tuned to our next GrapeCity Documents releases through 2021! We are truly excited to bring these new features and improvements to the community and hope you're excited about using these new items in 2021 and beyond!

If you have any questions or need clarification, please use the comments section available below. You can also contact us by submitting your questions on the GC contact page, or if you already have an account, you can log in to submit your support question.

Shilpa Sharma - Product Manager

Shilpa Sharma

Product Manager
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