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New GrapeCity Documents for Excel Service Pack

GcExcel Service Pack

A new GrapeCity Documents for Excel (GcExcel) service pack is now available. The service pack offers new improvements, APIs, and utility methods.

Download the GcExcel Service Pack

Documents for Excel performance improvement

GcExcel is now faster than ever, with several major performance enhancements (that you can start using today). GcExcel’s enhanced performance includes:

  • Getting/setting value for a single cell
  • Setting an array of double/int/float values to a range, for example, Range.Value = new double[,]{ {1d, 2d}, {3d, 4d}}
  • Getting/setting style for single cell

For more information, take a look at our Performance Enhancement Blog.

New APIs

CellInfo class

While working with a range of cells, several customers have expressed the need to convert columns/rows index to expressions.

We've added a new feature that allows GcExcel to add a new utility class in order to work with a range of cells:

public class CellInfo
  public static string RowIndexToName(int index);
  public static int RowNameToIndex(string name);
  public static string ColumnIndexToName(int index);
  public static int ColumnNameToIndex(string name);
  public static string CellIndexToName(int row, int column);
  public static void CellNameToIndex(string name, out int row, out int column); 

Additional API enhancements

  1. You can now set a standard width of columns and height of rows in the worksheet.
  2. You can reset an adjacent range's border when setting a border for a range.

New demos

We've added new demos to show the various ranges of operations that can be performed with GcExcel. Here's a look at the new Range Operations demos:

Download the new GcExcel package

Shilpa Sharma - Product Manager

Shilpa Sharma

Product Manager
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