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FlexGrid for .NET 5 - Featured on Microsoft Code Samples

We are thrilled to share that our .NET 5 FlexGrid sample has been included in Microsoft's new code samples. This sample demonstrates the many different operations and features available with FlexGrid, such as:

  • Full-text search across the entire data grid
  • Data formatting with different styles and techniques
  • Data grouping
  • Demonstrating additional detail information in the expandable grid row
  • Ribbon control for rich UI setup and customization

This sample can help developers build a rich datagrid-centric windows application using the features listed above - essentially, helping them build better business applications faster.

You can access this .NET 5 sample on Microsoft's online code sample repository, where you can also get started with Microsoft developer tools and technologies. Explore samples from Microsoft and other vendors to see what you can build.

FlexGrid for dotNET 5 - Featured on Microsoft Code Samples

This article will discuss our .NET 5 FlexGrid sample in more depth, re-visit Microsoft and GrapeCity's history, and share what we think is in store for .NET 5 developers.

GrapeCity and Microsoft: 20 Years of .NET Collaboration

GrapeCity and Microsoft have been collaborating for the past 20 years, back when FlexGrid was a part of Visual Basic as MSFlexGrid. We first collaborated when ASP. NET Core and .NET Core was released.

Since it was first introduced, Microsoft has designed the .NET framework to thrive, while supporting an entire ecosystem of 3rd party libraries. Rather than developing everything themselves, Microsoft realized that it was a good idea to build a layer of extensibility across Visual Studio and .NET, so companies, like GrapeCity, could fill in the gaps.

GrapeCity strives to provide UI controls and products for the latest development technologies used by enterprises. As new advancements and platforms emerge, it impacts the entire ComponentOne product line. For example, when Microsoft developed universal windows apps, we used the opportunity to reuse code from our XAML-based controls (WPF and WinRT) to produce controls for the new platform effectively.

Because of GrapeCity's long history with Microsoft, they reach out to our .NET development team when they start working on a new technology platform. They contacted our product managers during the early development stages of .NET 5 to discuss our plans for this new platform. From time to time, our team would share progress and challenges with the beta version of .NET 5 with Microsoft's team. Since then, the ComponentOne team has been busy developing previews of our .NET 5 WinForms and WPF editions. The team is anxiously awaiting the official release of .NET 5 in November 2020. To learn more about our .NET 5 WinForms and WPF editions, visit our blog.

After many years of this partnership (and more to come!), we appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with Microsoft. They provide early access to new technologies and tools so our .NET developers can offer feedback. We also receive assistance with our development process through dedicated discussion channels. The Microsoft team is quick to include and mention our product when discussing leading component providers.

FlexGrid for dotNET 5 - Featured on Microsoft Code Samples

We plan to collaborate closely with Microsoft as .NET development progresses from its official release in November. Be on the lookout for more from ComponentOne as Microsoft continues to innovate with development platforms.

GrapeCity and .NET 5 Development: November 2020 and Beyond

We asked our .NET developer audience about their plans for .NET 5. There was a poll on our site where visitors could respond to a survey – we received about 500 responses. The results have shown that about 55% of WinForms and WPF developers have plans to either migrate apps or create new apps with .NET 5. Since it's still early, we expect it will take at least a year before complete adoption. We chose to start our .NET 5 development with our flagship and most popular control: FlexGrid, to display and manage data and Ribbon for UI toolbar building.

FlexGrid for dotNET 5 - Featured on Microsoft Code Samples

The First .NET 5 Sample: FlexGrid

The FlexGrid sample is GrapeCity's first foray into .NET 5 development for WinForms and WPF, but we have a few other controls available in our community technology preview (CTP). The controls are built on .NET 5 and take advantage of new features without compromising backward compatibility or performance. Our first wave focuses on datagrids, charts, and other essentials. The WPF controls have full support for the designer; however, the designer is still limited in WinForms for .NET Core and .NET 5 applications. Since the .NET 5 version of the ComponentOne WinForms and WPF controls is a CTP, it is not intended for final production. Get started with our .NET 5 samples by checking out our CTP.

GrapeCity’s .NET 5 Development Plans

We are currently preparing for the release of our full-fledged studio for .NET 5. It will include FlexGrid, Ribbon, Input, InputPanel, RulesManager, ExpressionEditor, and a few other controls - our .NET team is also working on design-time support for our .NET 5 controls.

There are many unknowns regarding .NET 5 now, but our development team fully expects this new technology platform to unify .NET development across the web, cloud, mobile, and gaming by providing a single .NET runtime that can be used everywhere. We're looking for success in bringing forward older yet extremely popular development platforms like WinForms.

.NET Conf 2020: Celebrate .NET 5's Launch

FlexGrid for dotNET 5 - Featured on Microsoft Code Samples

Do you want to be in the room when .NET 5 launches? Make sure to register for .NET Conf 2020. .NET Conf is a three-day, virtual, developer event co-organized by the .NET community and Microsoft. Celebrate the new release, win awesome prizes, and experience a few other surprises. You can also see GrapeCity Product Architect, John Juback's talk on building cross-platform desktop apps with Electron. NET. Hope to see you there!

The Future of .NET 5

There is so much to expect from .NET 5 in November – and we are looking forward to the official launch. Thanks to Microsoft's long partnership, GrapeCity, and the ComponentOne team have been fortunate enough to interface with Microsoft throughout the early development stages of .NET 5. We've come a long from the days of MSFlexGrid in Visual Basic and are thrilled to welcome in the next technology platform. Our development team will continue to innovate and work with the .NET community to advance upcoming .NET 5 controls and projects.

Users and curious readers can access GrapeCity's .NET 5 controls and samples through our installer (click the "Download free trial" button). You can also download the controls and samples from Nuget (search through the site/Visual Studio UI and check the available target framework package).

What are your plans for .NET 5? Leave us a comment or share your goals on Facebook and Twitter.

Caitlyn Depp

Marketing Communications Manager
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