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ComponentOne Excel Viewer for Windows 8 and WinRT

To all my fellow Excel users who have dreamed of a new productivity app, it is now a reality. At the end of last week we released ComponentOne Excel Viewer to the Windows Store, you can download it now. It is a free app to help you to view Excel files on your Windows 8 and WinRT devices. Besides being able to view Excel files, you can also operate it by selecting a range of cells, scrolling and even some editing. Since the changes will not be saved back to the Excel file, we also built in some other functions via the AppBar, like copy/paste, undo/redo and filter/sort to help you view the document. The Excel Viewer app provides friendly touch support so you may easily operate and manipulate items by using your finger or stylus on touch-enabled devices. Main features are:

  • Open Microsoft Excel Files (xls, xlsx files)
  • Microsoft Excel compatible UI behaviors
  • Friendly touch support touchable devices
  • Provide data analysis functions like sort and filter
  • Provide UI undo redo functions

Enjoy it, for more information, please visit app page or go to your Windows Store search "ComponentOne".


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