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Business Intelligence in 2019 - Trends and Roadmap

As the year 2018 has ended, I look at 2019 as a year of beginnings as well as re-affirmation of the traditions of Business Intelligence. 2018 was the “The Year of the GDPR,” as it forced organizations to take a deeper look at their customer data and enforced strict privacy practices. The upcoming year promises continued focus on data management and data quality by enterprises among other aspects of Business Intelligence.

The top three trends for 2019 according to BI-Survey’s BI Trends for 2019, are data quality and master data management, data discovery, and self-service BI. Over the years, Data Governance and data preparation for business users has been on a growth trend that is expected to continue.

Here at GrapeCity, as I wrote last year, our focus has been around data providers, enhance usability, and further improve performance with large datasets. In 2018, customers adopted the new web-based report designer of ActiveReports Server. We have seen our OEM customers deploy enterprise products with Embedded Reporting powered by ActiveReports Server.

For the coming year, the GrapeCity BI roadmap leads us the way of the key trends for 2019. We'll be working towards a more scalable platform for business intelligence implementations in enterprise IT departments and for developers.

ActiveReports Server has been providing the benefits of Data Governance and Self-Service Reporting to the business users, IT teams, and developers alike. Over the next several months, we'll be adding to the capabilities on this front and others to further the benefits for enterprise IT teams.

Embedded BI has also been a key capability that developers have used over the years to provide web based reporting features to their end users. These aspects will also see enhancements over the coming year to manage more complex business cases around authentication and authorization, deeper integration capabilities with the server data store, and more.

Over the year, as we build the functionality, I'll be sharing more details about the specific features and capabilities we'll be rolling out.

A lot of exciting stuff is planned for the year. Look out for more information of what is coming in this space.

Bhupesh Malhotra

Product Manager
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