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ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin Hotfix available via NuGet

A hotfix for ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin is now available via the GrapeCity NuGet server and as build 2.4.20173.238. This build provides several fixes.

Key: [XF] = Xamarin.Forms, [X.Android] = Xamarin.Android, [X.iOS] = Xamarin.iOS, [X.Mac] = Xamarin.Mac

2.4.20173.238 Change Log

General Improvements

  • This update adds support for Xamarin.Forms 2.5. All controls and samples have been updated to reflect this and sample projects have been converted to use PackageReference in the csproj files instead of packages.config files.

Input Bug Fixes

  • [XF] Setting the Text property of a ComboBox to an empty string will now correctly clear it

FlexGrid Bug Fixes

  • [XF] Fixed an issue where CellTapped was raised twice on UWP
  • [XF] Fixed an issue where SelectionChanged could fire multiple times on UWP

Get the hotfix now

Kelley Ricker

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