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Welcome to Wyn – Our Newest Business Intelligence Solution

Business Intelligence Dashboards

We are pleased to announce that ActiveReports Server is now Wyn Enterprise. As business intelligence has matured, it became obvious that the ActiveReports Server roadmap needed to refocus on enterprise business intelligence. Wyn Enterprise is a fully-secured BI software that delivers collaborative self-service reporting and analytics. Our newest product provides advanced self-service business intelligence with built-in tools for data governance, data modeling, data federation, scheduled distribution, and multitenancy. The lightweight server architecture offers ad hoc reporting, embedded analytics, and interactive dashboarding.

The Need for Self-Service & Enterprise Reporting

When we started developing the ActiveReports product line over 20 years ago, we started by creating a reporting tool available for developer requirements. Over the years, we saw a trend towards self-service reports. Business users wanted to get answers themselves. This not only freed up their development resources to focus more on technology-heavy problems, but also meant that business decisions were made faster than ever before. It has become quite common for our customers to create ad hoc business reporting applications for their end-users.

With ActiveReports Server, we addressed this aspect of self-service and enterprise reporting with a server platform to host and manage reporting resources and functionality to drive the business users' need for working with both standard and ad hoc reports.

With the pervasiveness of data across enterprises, the amount of data that we gather and work with has increased as has the variety and sources of the data. Enterprises have started to look for rich data visualizations for daily tactical analysis and strategic decisions. When business intelligence started a few decades ago, users were working with a few hundred rows of data. In order to make an informed decision today, organizations need to assimilate millions of rows of data from a variety of distributed data sources.

Like all industries, the business intelligence market scenario has changed as well. When we analyzed the current trends and future forecasts in the enterprise, we realized that the ActiveReports Server roadmap needs to grow, towards not only data handling, but also in the area of data visualization.

Why Wyn Enterprise for Business Intelligence?

Wyn Enterprise provides advanced self-service business intelligence with built-in tools for data governance, data modeling, data federation, scheduled distribution, and multitenancy. Additionally to the benefits of ActiveReports Server, Wyn Enterprise adds support for multiple technology platforms, a Data Visualization analytics engine and more.

Let’s see how these work together to help deliver collaborative self-service reporting and analytics:

  • Data Governance: Centralize and control data availability to secure and govern your enterprise business information. Set up rules to limit information using any custom user property. Restrict sensitive information to those with clearance, filter data at row level, and deliver different datasets to select user groups across your enterprise.
  • Visualization Through Dashboards and Reports: Effectively tell the story behind your data with data visualizations. Wyn Enterprise’s interactive dashboards and reports will help reveal existing trends in your business data, empowering you to make strategic and data-driven decisions.
  • Web-based Portals: Utilize any browser on your desktop or mobile device to access documents on the go. The responsive and richly interactive viewers allow Wyn Enterprise to deliver your data visualizations to you on the go. Export your documents to PDF, CSV, Excel, Word, and more.
  • A Fully White-labeled Embedded BI Solution: Your users can access business intelligence from within your business applications. While utilizing the APIs and Modules available, you can customize it with your own logos and branding to provide a fully white-labeled user experience.
  • Self-service BI: Versatile dashboard and report designers provide an easy-to-use environment for both technical and non-technical users alike. Any user can easily generate comprehensive ad hoc reports and interactive visual dashboards independently, without the need for IT or technical assistance.
  • Secured Enterprise Business Intelligence: Work in a secured centralized environment. The web-based admin portal allows you to configure your security rules so your IT team can easily manage roles, permissions, licenses, users, and security

What about ActiveReports and ActiveReports Server?

As we embark on this new era of business intelligence, the ActiveReports roadmap for providing modern reporting tools for developers across all technology platforms continues to remain strong. The focus of ActiveReports remains on providing the necessary functionality to developers to embed reports and related business functionality in their applications.

The ActiveReports Server roadmap has transformed into the Wyn Enterprise roadmap. Wyn Enterprise is the new era of ActiveReports Server. While it uses the incrementally enhanced ActiveReports reporting engine for enterprise reporting, it adds additional plugins and capabilities around analytics.

Interested in implementing an advanced BI system into your business?

Wyn Enterprise is available now. We invite you to go to to learn more and download the trial. The Wyn Enterprise trial is available as a 30-day downloadable version or a 15-day online trial, which does not require a download.

Learn more about Wyn Enterprise and take a look at our Visual Gallery to experience the intuitiveness of our dashboards and reports.

Try us out or request a demo to learn more about what we have to offer.

Bhupesh Malhotra

Product Manager
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