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Best Practices for React Developers in 2024

React has been used by web developers for over a decade, and there are good reasons for the library's popularity and longevity. React JS allows developers to reuse components, improves functionality, saves time, and improves speed.

Of course, to achieve maximum benefits from this valuable development tool, best practices for React should be adopted and consistently applied. Here are some of the best practices for React for developers for 2024.

Keep Naming Conventions Consistent

Use PascalCase with each word beginning in an uppercase letter. This makes reading the code easier and separates it from HTML. Keep file names short but identifiable. Use version numbers where they may be appropriate.

Maintain Organized Components

Step up your coding and development skills through good housekeeping. Ensure components are clearly, cleanly, and logically organized. Keep related components together and maintain names that are both descriptive and consistent.

Make Use of Fragments

A feature of React is React Fragments, which will allow you to retrieve elements from a React component. The element will need to be wrapped in a root element.

Use Functional Components

At their core, functional components are JavaScript functions that use props to return a React element. They are less complex than class components and are faster to test and render.

Stay Away From Nesting Render Functions

Components within components or nesting can lead to a variety of issues in JavaScript React. The inner component can be repeatedly recreated in the render cycle. This can cause problems, particularly in larger projects. The best practice would be to avoid nesting when using React.

Limit and Combine Duplicate Coding

Use the Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle in keeping code clean. This means avoiding duplicate coding and combining it when possible. In many instances, less is less complex and more efficient.

Test Code

Testing components in React is made relatively simple. Install Jest, write a test, and execute the test. This is similar to turning on a light switch after replacing a light bulb. It is a simple way to keep your project on track.

Make Use of a Linter

Anything that can detect potential problems with coding is an advantage that should be employed as a best practice. A Lint or Linter is one of these. It analyzes static source code to determine and flag issues. It checks and validates coding efficiently and automatically. Linters are another way to ensure that coding is clean, clear, and without significant issues. Anything that helps accomplish that should be, and is, part of best practices for JavaScript React. 

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