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Best Practices for Angular Developers in 2024

Angular has been a popular choice for JavaScript developers since it debuted a decade ago. The framework isn’t just versatile enough to handle an array of applications; its improvements year after year have been largely aligned with the demands of the user. If you’re looking to learn more about the best practices for 2024, we’ll look at how you can get the most from the open-source application. 

A Quick Recap 

Angular 17 is the current version, but Angular 18 is expected to debut in the first quarter of 2024. The features of the latest version have yet to be confirmed, but they should include improvements on the current benefits of the framework as well as new tools. This will likely include Eager Loading, which can make for more responsive JavaScript apps. You can also look forward to better change detection, tree shaking, and AOT compilation.

Best Practices 

Here are our tips on how JavaScript developers can get the best experience from Angular in 2024:

  • TypeScript to add static typing: This will not only make it easier to update and maintain your code, but it can also help you prevent bugs. 
  • RxJS to manage asynchronous apps: The library of RxJS is excellent if you need to test (and retest) operations, delay executions, or chain operations. 
  • Dependency injections for testing: Decoupling your code makes it possible to create tests that are repeatable and clear. The more you can use dependency injections, the easier it will be to update the application. 
  • Linting for consistency: Linting tools will streamline your code in Angular 18, so it’s cleaner. If you’re used to digging through your code to see what you did and how you did it, this can be a great way to make it easier to read. 
  • Style guide for consistency: Variables, structure, comments: your applications can get messy quickly if you’re not careful. Angular’s style guide provides recommendations that can help you keep everything organized so you can update code on the fly. 

Keeping Up 

Angular is always changing because applications are always changing. If you’re not paying attention to the latest releases, you can miss out on some truly game-changing features. Worse, you can end up compromising the security of your code. One of the most important best practices is learning more about Angular's framework and how Google is meeting emerging needs with improved functionality.

Angular 17 has provided developers with a framework that helps keep them organized and eliminates busy work. Angular 18 promises to take it a step further, introducing more efficient ways for loading and tree shaking. At MESCIUS, our award-winning spreadsheets, reporting tools, and charts for JavaScript have been helpful to anyone who wants to enhance the performance of their applications. We want developers to use all the support at their disposal to keep executing their vision. 

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