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Announcing Spread WPF-Silverlight 7 v2!

ComponentOne is proud to announce the release of the new Spread WPF-Silverlight 7 v2. There are major upgrades to this version compared to the last release one year ago. There are many new features in this release including: the introduction of Excel 2013 like UI appearance and gesture touch support, Improvements for Excel file import/export and formula calculation performance, 10 categories 40+ chart types totally compatible with Excel, the ability to embed pictures into documents, a formula textbox control, and more... Spread WPF-Silverlight 7 v2 is also available as part of the new Spread Studio for .NET 7 v2, the best cross-platform spreadsheet solution for .NET application development. The new Spread WPF-Silverlight 7 v2 features many new enhancements including: Touch support enhancement, helps the end-user easily operate the Spread control by using touch in a WPF or Silverlight application which runs in a touch enabled device. It provides end users with a rich, interactive touch-centric experience in your applications. At run time, users can now:

  • Resize the selected columns or rows by dragging the resize handler. Plus, you can auto fit selected columns or rows by double tapping on the handler.
  • Scroll by panning on viewport to scroll or selecting and dragging scrollbar by touch.
  • Change the range of the selection by dragging the selection handler.
  • Pop up a menu (which can include built-in or custom commands) by tapping on the selection or the active cell.
  • Zoom in and out of cells by using pinch/stretch gestures.

Touch Chart, with 40+ new chart types, you can create expressive 2D and 3D charts within spreadsheets; new chart types include: Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area, Bubble, Scatter, Radar, Stock, and 3D Surface. Highly compatible with the Excel chart object, charts are editable at run time to provide the richest data user interface imaginable. The Spread Designer lets you add charts at design time or import from an existing Excel file, or you can add charts through code using the comprehensive Chart object model. Chart Image,you can now contain any image in its own picture layer in a sheet. Get creative with your use of images -- use them to clarify data items, emphasize important information, or reference spreadsheet processes. Picture Formula TextBox, place the new formula text box control anywhere on the form for Excel-like formula editing. End users can edit formulas quickly and easily at run time in a familiar UI by selecting a range of cells when entering a formula in the formula text box. Each reference has a different color; we also support this ability in the cell editor. FormulaTextBox Floating Object, each sheet can have many floating panels that can contain any UI elements. You can use it to add any control into your spreadsheet, for example you can add a path objects to simulate a shape. FloatingObject Array formula, now you can use Ctrl+Shift+Enter key to enter an array formula for a range of cells. An array formula is a formula that can perform multiple calculations on one or more of the items in an array. For example, you can use array formula to:

  • Count the number of characters in a range of cells.
  • Sum numbers that meet certain conditions, such as the lowest values in a range or numbers that fall between an upper and lower boundary.
  • Sum every nth value in a range of values.

ArrayFormula Performance enhancement, improved performance for Excel file import and output, and formula calculation in the spread control. Load the same Excel file 50-200% faster, calculate complex formulas faster, and enhance the end-user experience. PerformanceWPF PerformanceSL Selection Appearance, now you can change the border color and background of the selection indicator and match the UI theme of your application. Selection Group panel Appearance, provide API to customize background and border of range group panel. GroupPanel Enhance Conditional Formatting, add priority and stop if true, to make conditional formatting complete and flexible, and more compatible to Excel logic. ConditionalFormatting Underline and Strikethrough, cells now support show text under line and strike through font style. Underline Designer Enhancement, save time using modern templates in the designer to design documents. In addition, more dialogs and ribbon tabs for chart and picture. Designer Tooltip for UI operations, show tooltip to provide more information when the end-user drags, scrolls, and resizes in the control. Tooltip Culture support, the data formatter supports formatting cell values according to the culture of the system environment. Cell values show the proper format in different culture environments. Culture Localization, Spread now includes Chinese localization; all messages and UI text are displayed in Chinese if the control is run in Chinese environment. Localization Download the free 30-day trial of new Spread WPF-Silverlight today!


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