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Announcing Spread 7 for ASP.NET!

ComponentOne is proud to announce the release of the new Spread 7 for ASP.NET. The new versions of the Spread.NET controls for ASP.NET and MVC development are now licensed separately from the controls for Windows Forms development, and include all of the components in the Professional version of Spread.NET 6 for the ASP.NET and MVC platforms. Customers who have current maintenance subscriptions for either the Standard or Professional license for Spread.NET 6 will receive free license key for Spread 7 for ASP.NET. Plus, special upgrade pricing is available for registered licensees of version 6 and earlier versions of Spread for ASP.NET. Spread 7 for ASP.NET is also available as part of the new Spread Studio for .NET, the best cross-platform spreadsheet solution for .NET application development. The new Spread 7 for ASP.NET features many new enhancements including: New conditional format support for rules and full support of import and export of rules to and from Microsoft Excel® files.

New conditional format rules in Spread 7 for ASP.NET

New built-in client side context menus for row filtering, including text, number, date, and color filters, and checked list of unique items greatly improve filter support.

New filter context menu for text, number, date, and color filters.

New client side custom filter dialog is available for advanced filter requirements.

Custom filter dialog available client side for the end user.

New client side context menus for column headers, row headers, and cells enable easier creation of rich interactive content available for the end user with a click of the mouse.

New context menus for cells and headers are customizable.

New performance enhancements make Spread much faster exporting PDF and data binding.

PDF export is much faster in Spread 7 for ASP.NET.

Data binding is much faster in Spread 7 for ASP.NET.

For a full listing of new features in Spread 7 for ASP.NET, please see HERE! The live interactive Sample Explorer demo is posted HERE, and the free 30 day trial evaluation is posted HERE; check them out today!


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