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A Replacement for Office Web Components

A Replacement for Office Web Components

There have been many discussions about the limitations that prevent the Office Web Components (OWC) from functioning properly. With a lack of workaround documentation, developers often find it difficult to troubleshoot. Consequently, we have had numerous requests for a control that can replace Office Web Components.

If you are still using OWC to publish your Excel workbooks, or if are you using Excel Services for Sharepoint, GrapeCity Documents for Excel and SpreadJS Spread.Sheets are client-side javascript components, that offer alternatives to Excel and OWC.

GrapeCity Documents for Excel is a .NET Standard 2.0 server-side library for spreadsheet document creation with flexible cross-platform deployment options and a powerful VSTO-based server side API.

GrapeCity Documents | Feature-Rich APIs for .NET Standard 2.0

You can open, create, and manipulate your spreadsheet documents to automate business processes, gathering data from various back-end data sources and integrating it into your spreadsheets directly, then send the resulting spreadsheet to the client.

GrapeCity Documents for Excel supports the SSJSON format for Spread.Sheets spreadsheets, so you can easily integrate your server-side spreadsheet processing into HTML, using Spread.Sheets on the client-side.

GrapeCity Documents for Excel supports multiple platforms:

Spread.Sheets, a client-side spreadsheet

With no Excel dependency and the pure HTML5/javascript implementation of Spread.Sheets, you can deploy your Excel workbooks to the web easier than ever before. Using the client-side SpreadJS Spread.Sheets component, users get the full Excel-like experience they expect, including full support for:

It really feels like you're using Excel right in the browser!

The Spread.Sheets component also features a fully extensible javascript object model

Spread.Sheets is extensible and framework-independent with many events for developing rich macro-like functionality directly in the page. Spread.Sheets has an extended calculation engine with over 450+ built-in calculation functions.

Spread.Sheets Designer Tool Source Code Available!

Spread.Sheets includes the Spread Designer tool, which functions like a light version of Excel. Spread.Sheets can be used to create spreadsheet templates and set up data bindings for cells in the workbook. You can save your results to SSJSON to use directly in your application, or to an XLSX to share with someone using Excel.

Spread.Views Also Included!

SpreadJS also includes the incredibly flexible Spread.Views component, which provides a variety of layout plugins and views for organizing and visualizing various kinds of data. This tool integrates the calculation engine for fast columnar calculations and a variety of renderers for data visualization of bound JSON data. Quickly and easily create card layout, calendar, timeline, trellis, tree grid, gantt, or masonry views for your data, with advanced data field presenters and editing support.

Break free from Office Web Components and Excel with GrapeCity's client-side javascript components!

Download SpreadJS and GrapeCity Documents for Excel today and start developing immediately using the evaluation version.

Sean Lawyer

Sean Lawyer

Product Manager
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