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ActiveReports.NET v16.2 Has Released

We're pleased to announce the release of ActiveReports v16.2, our second update to ActiveReports 16, this year.

RPX Section Reports in the Web Designer

With this release, our main focus is bringing full support for RPX Section Reports to the ActiveReports Web Designer!

Users can now create, edit and view RPX Section Reports fully in the Web Designer. This includes pre-existing reports created in the Desktop Designer or Visual Studio Integrated Designer. 

If you're a long-time user of RPX Section Reports and have been sitting out on the Web Designer, now is the time to give it a shot! This update is the full implementation, so you should be able to do everything in the Web Designer you were used to doing with RPX Section Reports in the Desktop Designer previously.

PAdES Support in PDF Digital Signature (Pro)

A new setting called SignatureFormat has been added to the PDF digital signature options, which allows the use of PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures), available in PDF2.0(ISO 32000-2). This is available for all report types.

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Page/RDL Report Enhancements

Available Values Order in Report Parameters

The new OrderBy property in the Report - Parameters dialog allows you to manage the order that report parameter values are displayed by Label or Value.

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Report Theme as an Expression

You can now set different themes for a report using expressions.

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Predefined Datasets in the Web Designer

You can now configure predefined datasets for new reports by implementing and then registering the IDataSetsService interface.

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Ready to try out the latest release? Download ActiveReports.NET today!


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