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ActiveReportsJS 2020 Roadmap

The ActiveReportsJS team is continually seeking ways to meet our customer needs, and 2020 has a lot in store! This year we will be focusing on empowering developers to do more with reports in JavaScript by enabling end-users to create reports online, improving data operations, and adding new report controls.

Working with JSON Data

Using JSON can be a challenge when creating a structured report. We want to make it easier to work with JSON data by providing mechanisms for dealing with complex data formats. The following two sections detail some of the features we are considering.

Enhancing Data Operations

We use parameters to filter data in a report at run-time via user input. But what if you want to make your report filter automatically? It would be best if you constructed a dynamic query. We can do this with a Dataset parameter:


Similarly, you may want to create a filtered data source to reduce the amount of data on the client. In this case, you will need to add the resource path and query options to the connection string:

ActiveReportsJS 2020 Roadmap

End-User Report Designer

With an embeddable report designer, you can take your reporting applications to the next level. A web-based report designer will enable report designers to create and modify reports online. We plan to roll out an all-new web designer component this year.

ActiveReportsJS 2020 Roadmap

New Report Controls

Banded List

Use the Banded List control to create unique layouts for your data. Unlike the List control, Banded List has header and footer bands. You can also create groups for the bound data.

ActiveReportsJS 2020 Roadmap


The InputField is an interactive control for form-based reports. It allows you to edit the value in a TextBox or CheckBox after being exported to PDF.

SVG Images

Soon, ActiveReportsJS will support SVG images. You will be able to load your images into your report at design-time and export them at run-time.

Quarter and QuarterName Functions

We are adding two new common functions for dealing with fiscal year periods. These functions will make it easier to create financial, quarterly reports. The functions will be available in the Expression Editor.

ActiveReportsJS 2020 Roadmap

We are excited to tackle these problems in the coming months and hope you are too. Don't see anything you like? Get in touch and let us know what features you would like to see in ActiveReportsJS.

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