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ActiveReports.NET v17.2 Has Released

Hello everyone! It’s our pleasure to announce that ActiveReports.NET version 17.2 has been released!


Preconfigure Controls for End Users With Report Parts

Using the new Report Parts feature, developers can create pre-configured controls that they can then add to the ActiveReports toolbox for their end-users to drag and drop onto the design surface. A good example of this could be a complex chart that might be a bit hard to understand for the average end user. You can set everything up just the way it needs to be, add it as a report part to a report library, and then let users add the premade chart to their reports. From there, they can just make small customizations to fit the report instead of making it all from scratch.

Learn More About Report Parts | Report Parts Sample

Shared Datasource

Shared Data Source Support Added to the Web Designer

The WebDesigner and Blazor WebDesigner components now support shared data sources, which are reusable data source connections that may be used in multiple reports.

Configure and Use Shared Data Sources in WebDesigner | Configure and Use Shared Data Sources in Blazor Designer

Improved Accessibility of PDF and HTML Document Exports

A new AccessibleDescription property has been added to the Page/RDL Report's Chart (both Classic Chart and default Chart), ImageLineMapShape, Bullet, Barcode, Sparkline, and FormattedText controls, as well as all custom report items, to allow adding alternative text or an alt attribute for use by accessibility tools. The property on exporting reports translates to ‘alternate text’ in PDF and the ‘alt’ tag in HTML.

The PDF and HTML exports now support proper tagging of the structural content in the TextBox, Table, and Table of Content controls.

The PDF export versions that adhere to the PDF/UA standards are PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-2a, PDF/A-2u, PDF/A-3a, PDF/A-3u, and PDF/UA-1.

Conditionally hide sections in RDL Multi-section and RDL Dashboards

Using conditional formatting, you can now hide sections in both RDL Multi-section and RDL Dashboard reports. This can be useful if you want to conditionally display/hide various sections depending on some value in your data.

“Insert” and “Duplicate” Items Added to Section Tab Context Menu

With the new Insert and Duplicate context menu items for report sections, users can now insert new sections between each other and duplicate existing ones instead of only being able to add new ones at the end.

Actions Can Now be Added to Checkbox Controls

This is key for using the Apply Parameters feature for interactive runtime filtering with checkboxes. Previously, you had to put the action on the textbox and then link the state of the parameters to the checkboxes to give the user a visual representation of what’s currently selected. Now, you can add the action directly to the checkbox instead, which streamlines the process a lot.

Ready to check out the latest release? Download ActiveReports.NET Today!


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