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ActiveReports 7 and Visual Studio 2012

A few days ago we released ActiveReports 7 Hotfix 1 to add full support for VS2012! In addition to supporting VS2012 and .NET Framework 4.5, this release also adds several other features:

  • It is now possible to customize the HTML WebViewer control's toolbar through the use of javascript and HTML.
  • Intellisense XML files are now installed with the product
  • The designer now automatically sets the dataset name in the Fixed Layout Settings of an FPL report when you use designer shortcuts such as drag-and-drop or the field selection menu to add data to the report.

This release is a long time coming, and we're still hard at work, we've already begun our work on Service Pack 1. I think its too early for us to talk a release date for that; however, it is coming! I've also finished the VB.NET port of the AR7ExportToolbar project I posted earlier. You can find the completed project on the project page at GitHub. 'Til next time! - James


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