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Migrating from WinForms to JavaScript

Desktop to Web: WinForms to JavaScript Migration Guide

A guide for development teams and software dev leads to find the best approach to migrating.

If you have been tasked with migrating your enterprise desktop applications to web, the library and framework options available from the JavaScript ecosystem can be overwhelming. Common questions for many organizations are: Where do I start evaluating a new technology stack? What is our best migration path from desktop to JavaScript?

Here, we explain the key issues you should consider when migrating from desktop to the web and walk you through the key elements of our recommended path: Angular and TypeScript.

We'll discuss:

  • Understanding the Web Ecosystem
  • Data Access in Web Applications
  • Starting the Migration Process
  • The Angular/TypeScript Toolchain
  • Migrating the Data Layer, Controller (Business Logic), and UI Layer
  • Potential future outcomes for web development

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About the Author

Alvin Ashcraft has over 24 years of programming experience in the health care, financial and manufacturing industries. He is currently a Principal Software Engineer at Allscripts in the Philadelphia area. He has been recognized as a Microsoft Windows Dev MVP (current - formerly MVP in C#/Visual Studio), OzCode Magician, Friend of Redgate and Xamarin Certified Professional.

Alvin has tech reviewed several books, including titles on ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core, and WPF. He is also one of the founding organizers of the TechBash developer conference held each fall in Pocono Manor, PA.