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Silverlight Migration Whitepaper

Migrate Silverlight Apps to Wijmo Core HTML5/JavaScript

When Microsoft decided to stop investing in Silverlight, many developers were faced with a tough decision. How could they migrate to modern web platforms and not throw away all the benefits of MVVM and the knowledge they gained by using Silverlight?

Migrate Silverlight Apps to JavaScript Web Apps

Wijmo Core is a true HTML5 solution, based on JavaScript and CSS. It includes all of the controls commonly used in business apps, as well as JavaScript implementations of the ICollectionView interface and a concrete CollectionView class.

Together with the framework of your choice, Wijmo Core provides a great platform for porting existing Silverlight applications and also for creating brand new web applications faster than you ever thought possible.

In this white paper, you'll:

  • Work with an existing Silverlight app to understand how to migrate to Wijmo Core HTML5 UI Controls
  • Learn how to port the ViewModel
  • Learn how to port the View

You'll also get:

  • Links to the sample application
  • Benefits of hybrid apps

Work with an existing Silverlight app to migrate to HTML5/JavaScript with Wijmo Core

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