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Improving Build Speed and Bundle Size with Angular Ivy

Improving Build Speed and Bundle Size with Angular Ivy

FEB 3, 2021

Join Joel Parks from the Wijmo team and ng-conf for a free webinar on all the benefits that come with using the Ivy compiler. Walk away knowing how to get smaller bundle sizes, faster build times, and several other features, such as consuming View Engine libraries that the Ivy compiler brings to the table.

Watch the Webinar Playback

The entire presentation deck can be found here.

About the Speaker

As a Technical Engagement Engineer, Joel Parks enjoys creating things that simplify the lives of others. He has been the recipient of the Accelerated Health Tech Award (Philly Codefest) and, during this time at GrapeCity, named a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. With the increase of mobile devices accessing the internet, he believes we will see JavaScript and Angular development move towards improving performance on mobile. When he's not working on Wijmo's JavaScript UI controls, you can find him meditating or reading philosophy.