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SpreadJS 12 | Built in and Custom Shapes | JavaScript Spreadsheet Components

SpreadJS 12 | Built in and Custom Shapes | JavaScript Spreadsheet Components

Posted on 11/1/2018 3:39:13 PM

SpreadJS 12 brings a major feature enhancement to your favorite JavaScript spreadsheet component: shapes! Comprised of both built-in and custom shapes, this new feature gives you the power to enhance your spreadsheets and applications with data-driven graphics, flowcharts, Gantt charts, annotations, and all your shapes needs.

* Built-in and Custom Shapes
* 60+ built-in shapes
* Add shapes in code
* Add shapes in the Designer (video)
* Work with custom shapes

Like Excel, we've implemented dozens of built-in shapes to add more detail and visual appeal to your workbooks, as well as the ability to seamlessly import and export Excel workbooks that contain shapes. These 60+ shapes include basic rectangles, arrows, balloons, and action buttons.

We've also been focusing on ways to incorporate SpreadJS into applications for more than spreadsheet needs. That's where custom and data-driven shapes come in.

These can be used to make different kinds of interactive diagrams, including:

* Create a visual, interactive floor plan that allows users to see who
sits at a desk, or add information about amenities
* Create a production floor plan for a manufacturing facility, and
highlight areas experiencing slowdowns or problems
* Create an interactive, touch-based map of a car so users can
highlight damage for insurance claims
* Create Gantt charts and org charts

Read the full release blog:

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