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Introducing the Simplified Ribbon for WPF | ComponentOne

Introducing the Simplified Ribbon for WPF | ComponentOne

Posted on 11/28/2018 3:44:08 PM

The SimplifiedRibbon is a new ComponentOne UI control for WPF for 2018v3. It’s simple, compact, and built to fall between a Toolbar and the traditional Ribbon.

The control has a simple, customizable design that allows you to toggle between a single row collapsed state and a more complicated three-line view. This allows you to always keep some options in view even when you want to preserve vertical space. Microsoft also provides their own Ribbon control for WPF, but the control is large, complicated, and not always straightforward to customize. The Simplified Ribbon is meant to act as an alternative to that with a much simpler API and straightforward customization options.

Read the full release blog:

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