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GrapeCity Developer Solutions Recognized as a Top Publisher by ComponentSource


GrapeCity products are included in 2022's best-selling listing.


Pittsburgh, PA – March 14, 2022 GrapeCity, a global provider of award-winning enterprise software development tools, is pleased to announce that it has been recognized as the 2022 number two publisher and top five publisher by ComponentSource, the world’s largest marketplace for software components and development tools. ComponentSource also recognized GrapeCity for the significant number of top-selling products on its annual listing.

With continued challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and new emerging technologies across the industry, GrapeCity is pleased to provide powerful components and tools in this growing market. ActiveReports. NET Professional received a #3 Product Award, as well as a Top 5 Product Award. Spread. NET, ComponentOne Studio Enterprise, and ActiveReports. NET Standard were each honored with Top 10 Product Awards. ComponentOne Studio WinForms received a Top 25 Product Award, while SpreadJS and Wijmo earned Top 50 Product Awards. Additionally, ComponentOne Studio ActiveX and ComponentOne Studio WPF secured Top 100 Product Awards. GrapeCity is looking forward to another year of providing unique solutions for enterprises that allow them to buy once, write once, and target multiple platforms.

Publisher and product rankings are calculated based on ComponentSource’s actual sales orders placed by customers globally during 2021.

“We congratulate GrapeCity! These awards show that again this year, GrapeCity’s products continue to rank very highly with our customers”, said Sam Patterson, CEO of ComponentSource. “GrapeCity’s components allow developers to write less code and add complex functionality that would be time consuming to create themselves. Creating cross-platform apps also becomes easier as their feature-rich components are supported across the popular platforms like .NET 6/.NET, JavaScript, Blazor, and ASP/Web.”

“Developers have relied on GrapeCity for .NET and JavaScript grids, UI, reporting, spreadsheet, document APIs, and mobile controls to propel their organization into the future,” said Joseph Lininger, GrapeCity’s Director of Marketing. “Our partnership with ComponentSource allows us to reach developers globally, providing market-leading, cross-platform toolsets that continue to save time and money, while empowering development.”

About GrapeCity GrapeCity is an award-winning Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and one of the world’s largest providers of developer components. The company has more than 850 employees and hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. For over 30 years, GrapeCity has provided enterprises around the world with state-of-the-art developer tools and components, software services, and solutions. For more company information, visit


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