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    FlexChart Data Labels
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    Data labels are the labels associated with data points to provide additional information about the data points. In other words, these labels can be defined as descriptive texts or values displayed over data points of the series. These labels are primarily used to highlight crucial data points, thereby enhancing the readability of the chart and allowing you to identify data quickly.

    FlexChart offers support for highly customizable data labels that enable you to conveniently highlight chart data. And that in turn helps end-users to identify and interpret the chart data more efficiently. When it comes to working with data labels in FlexChart, the DataLabel property allows you to do so. By default, FlexChart does not display data labels; however, you can not only display data labels, but also customize them as per your requirements using various properties of the DataLabel and the DataLabelBase classes.

    Below are the sections that describe how you can add data labels to data points and how you can control data labels in terms of their appearance and the data they display: