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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    In a chart, there are two primary axes: X and Y. There are of course exceptions when you work with pie charts.

    In FlexChart, X-axis and Y-axis are represented by the AxisX and the AxisY property respectively. Both these properties can be customized using the properties provided by the Axis class.

    Layout and Style Properties

    Property Description
    AxisLine Determines whether the axis line is visible.
    Position Sets the position of the axis.
    Reversed Reverses the direction of the axis.
    Style Contains properties that set the style of the axis.
    Title Sets the title text to display next to the axis.

    Axis Label Properties

    Property Description
    Format Sets the format string for the axis labels.
    LabelAlignment Sets the alignment of the axis labels.
    LabelAngle Set the rotation angle of the axis labels.
    Labels Determines whether the axis labels are visible.
    MajorUnit Sets the number of units between axis labels.

    Axis Grouping Properties

    Property Description
    GroupNames Sets the group name for the axis labels.
    GroupItemsPath Sets the group name for the axis labels in hierarchical data.
    GroupSeparator Set the axis group separator.
    GroupProvider Sets the axis group provider.

    Scaling, Tick Mark, and Gridline Properties

    Property Description
    MajorGrid Determines whether the axis includes gridlines.
    MajorGridStyle Contains properties to control the appearance of the grid lines drawn perpendicular to the major tickmarks.
    MajorTickMarks Sets the location of the axis tickmarks.
    Max Sets the maximum value for the axis.
    Min Sets the minimum value for the axis.
    Origin Sets the value at which an axis crosses the perpendicular axis.
    OverlappingLabels Manages the overlapping labels in the chart for any reason.

     Here is the Xaml for setting Axes (Axis X and Axis Y properties) for the chart:

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                    <Chart:Axis MajorGrid="True" Position="Bottom" Title="Fruits" MajorTickMarks="Inside"></Chart:Axis>
                    <Chart:Axis Position="Left" MajorUnit="5" Title="Sales in Dollars" MajorGrid="True"/>

    For more details on Axes, refer to FlexChart Axes.