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Xuni on YouTube

Our latest product Xuni is generating a lot of buzz. A unique collection of cross-platform mobile data visualization controls, Xuni is a perfect complement for your Xamarin.Forms development. The Xuni team has been hard at work for the next release of Xuni, which will add more controls and feature enhancements. When they aren't in the development trenches, they have been doing a wonderful job creating videos for you. With many more videos planned, we created a dedicated Xuni channel on YouTube. The channel url isn't very pretty yet, but you can help us change that. We need to get 500 subscribers to get a custom channel url and if you, your friends, and anyone subscribes we are one follower closer to the goal. Please visit our channel, subscribe and you'll never miss a beat when it comes to cross-platform mobile development. banner_youtube_C1_0415


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