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Xuni 2016 v3 Update Available

Available today, you can update Xuni packages to version 2.3.20163.150 through NuGet to obtain the 2016 v3 update. This update adds a few enhancement requests and contains a number bug fixes. The biggest enhancements in 2016 v3 are the addition of hardware keyboard support (as well as expanded clipboard support) to FlexGrid and a new zones sample to show off how you can create a FlexChart using colored ranges to categorize your data.

Xuni 2016 v3 Change Log

General Enhancements

  • [XF] Added 101 samples for all controls on Xamarin.Android platform.
  • [iOS] Added Design time support for Xcode 6+ using IBDesignable and IBDetectable.
  • [iOS] Converted Swift samples to work with Swift 3.0.


  • [XF] This will be the final release to support Windows Phone 8 Silverlight. Next year we will add support for UWP to replace the outgoing WP8 since Microsoft, Xamarin, and most of our users are moving to this platform.


Bug Fixes

  • [XF] Date selected by tapping finger no longer remains after another date is selected by SelectedDate property when MaxSelectionCount is 1.
  • [XF] Fixed ClassCastException that could occur when deploying Calendar101 in on Android.



  • [XF] [iOS] [Android] Zones sample added demonstrating how you can add colored regions to your chart.

Bug Fixes

  • [XF] Fixed a Null Reference Exception that could occur in Area/SplineArea Charts when PlotElementLoading event tried to fill a color.
  • [XF] Equalized Line/LineSymbol widths between iOS and Android.
  • [XF] [Android] Fixed BorderColor property of Series setting the color in the Legend.
  • [XF] [Android] X Axis max value not recognized when set on Android.
  • [XF] Fixed InvalidOperation exception that would occur if IsAnimated property was set to “True” in a FlexChart with DataLabels.
  • [XF] [iOS] Snapshot sample updated to work with iOS 10.
  • [Android] Logo image now render correctly in CustomPlotElements sample.


Bug Fixes

  • [XF] [iOS] Snapshot sample updated to work with iOS 10.
  • [XF][iOS][Android] Setting SelectionMode = None now unselects any selected pie slices.


Breaking Changes

  • [XF] GridGroupRow.IsCollapsedProperty removed.

Bug Fixes

  • [XF] Unhandled exception was being raised when more than one level of grouping was performed. Multi-level grouping is not supported by the control, but the exception should no longer occur.
  • [XF] HorizontalAlignment of Column now works properly when set to End on Android.


  • [XF] [iOS] [Android] Added hardware keyboard support for navigation and clipboard actions.
  • [XF] [iOS] [Android] Added AutoSizeMode property for setting how AutoSize methods behave.
  • [XF] Added GroupCollapseChanged and GroupCollapsedChanging events.


Bug Fixes

  • [XF] [iOS] Snapshot sample updated to work with iOS 10.



  • [XF][iOS][Android] Added DropDownMode property which gives you the option of presenting a DropDown as a Full Screen popup.
  • [XF][iOS][Android] PlaceHolder (watermark) property added to MaskedInput.
  • [XF][iOS] Fixed an Issue where a System.InvalidCastException could occur when selecting an item from AutoComplete’s Dropdown and SelectedIndexChanged is raised.

Bug Fixes

  • [XF] ComboBox now properly changes Drop-Down color when Theme=DeviceDefault.Light.
  • [XF][Android] SelectIndexChanged event now correctly fires. Key: [XF] = Xamarin.Forms, [Android] = native Android, [iOS] = native iOS


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