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Xuni 2016 v3.6 Hotfix Available

Available today, you can update Xuni packages to version 2.3.20163.178 through the GrapeCity NuGet feed to obtain the 2016 v3.6 update. This hotfix provides a number of bugfixes for Xamarin.Forms.

Xuni 2016 v3.6 Change Log


Bug Fixes

  • [XF] LineMarker works correctly on Android when animation is disabled and chart.LineMarker.Content.IsVisible = false;
  • [XF] Fixed a potential overdraw issue that can occur in Xamarin.Forms on certain configurations of Android devices. In the rare instances of chart overdraw, use the switch ForceClipAndroidPlotArea = true;
  • [XF] Fixed a System.NotSupportedException that could occur when exiting a page while the control was still animating



  • [XF] Added SelectedIndex property for selecting an individual pie slice programmatically

Bug Fixes

  • [XF] Corrected behavior when using SelectionModes with FlexPie. Now the SelectionMode Point should be used when interacting with the control while Series and None will correctly disable selection
  • [XF] Fixed a System.NotSupportedException that could occur when exiting a page while the control is still animating


Bug Fixes

  • [XF] ColumnHeader text can now correctly be set dynamically outside of page constructor.
  • [XF] Fixed PrepareCellForEdit so that it is no longer cancelable. It occurs after the Grid has already entered edit mode, and attempting to cancel it was causes undesirable side effects. If you wish to cancel an edit use the BeginningEdit Event instead.
  • Minor adjustment for using FlexGrid with objects inheriting from the same base class. If you require polymorphic behavior from the FlexGrid (for instance populating a Grid with both GoldCustomer and SilverCustomer with a common base type Customer) it is recommended that you manually generate columns and use an IEnumerable as your datasource. For example: ~~~
public abstract class Customer{};  
public class GoldCustomer : Customer()  
public class SilverCustomer : Customer()  

IEnumerable date = Customer.GetList(5);  
grid.ItemsSource = data;  


Key: [XF] = Xamarin.Forms, [Android] = native Android, [iOS] = native iOS


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