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Xamarin Edition Joining ComponentOne Studio's Suite of .NET Controls for Visual Studio!

The Xamarin news just keeps rolling in: on April 20, we will officially be adding a Xamarin Edition to ComponentOne Studio!

Try Xamarin Controls for Visual Studio

As of April 20, current subscribers will be able to build native mobile apps in C# and Visual Studio immediately after downloading the new installer (Be sure to sign in!). If your subscription has expired, renew today and hop on the Xamarin train with us.

About the Xamarin Edition

In February 2015, we released Xuni, a suite of cross-platform controls for iOS, Android, and Xamarin Platform. The controls are built for a universal experience across devices and platforms, and include FlexGrid, FlexChart, FlexPie, Gauges, a Calendar, and CollectionView. It's a great product that has been deeply focused on high-quality animations and rendering in each control; we're going for quality, not quantity. (Download the Xuni Explorer to your phone and you'll see what I mean.) Xuni Enterprise includes Xuni for Xamarin along with native platforms, Xuni iOS and Xuni Android.

Fast forward to Build 2016: Microsoft (who bought Xamarin a few months ago) announced that Xamarin would be free with Visual Studio. That means no more overhead for using Xamarin controls—and C# and Visual Studio users can start leveraging what they already know to create great cross-platform mobile experiences. By building our Xamarin controls into C1Studio, we're making sure you get the most flexibility and the best controls, with our unified code base to smooth the transition to native mobile.

What This Means for You

  • Effective April 20, current subscribers can download the new installer and begin working with our native mobile controls.
  • Renew or buy now and you'll be able to do the same.
  • If you'd like to try our Xamarin controls now, you can download from the Xuni site.

Download Xamarin Controls for Visual Studio

Email or call 1.800.858.2739 for more details on renewals and upgrades.


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