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Wordpress Wijmo Theme

A sleek WordPress theme using Wijmo, an interactive kit of jQuery UI widgets. The Wijmo theme is flexible for use as a blog, portfolio, or general site. Easily change the style using ThemeRoller and a few CSS tweaks. Using the Wijmo Open kit I wrapped common Wordpress elements and pieces in Wijmo to create highly interactive and great looking widgets out of dynamic Wordpress data. The theme also supports dynamic theme changing using ThemeRoller

Some of the wrapped elements include:

  • Page List -> Wijmo Menu
  • Header Image - Wijmo SuperPanel
  • Buttons - jQuery Button
  • Form elements - Wijmo FormDecorator
  • Widget list - Wijmo Accordion
  • Comment list & Reply form - Wijmo Expander

Here's some action shots...


  1. Check out the demo
  2. [downloads query="limit=1&orderby=date&order=desc&category=3" format="4"]
  3. [download id="4" format="4"]


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