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Windows Azure Reporting with ActiveReports 6

ActiveReports 6 supports reporting within Microsoft Windows Azure cloud services in Full Trust mode. Although there are some restrictions because of the underlying platform limitations, you have early access to the benefits of using the Windows Azure platform for reporting.

The export feature limitations are:

  • Rtf, Excel and Text filters are not supported on Windows Azure.
  • When using the Pdf export filter, digital signatures are not supported.
  • The Pdf export filter cannot access System fonts, so you must create a Custom Font Factory to embed any necessary fonts for non-ASCII characters.

Windows Azure Reporting Code Walkthrough

This blog posting uses the Windows Azure table Data walkthroughs on MSDN Blogs and uses it with ActiveReports 6 SP1 build to show a list of contacts returned by the Windows Azure service.

Read Sergey Abakumoff's blog posting on using ActiveReports to report based on the Windows Azure table data.

Coming soon....(November 2010)
Support for Windows Azure reporting in partial trust will be available in the next service release of ActiveReports 6, some time in November 2010.


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