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Wijmo Webcast: Visualizing Large Data Sets with Wijmo Enterprise

Here's a recent webcast on how to utilize some of the new features in Wijmo Enterprise for visualizing large datasets in a manner that is consistent with Wijmo Enterprise’s vision. Our vision is to build highly performant, touch-first, lightweight, true JavaScript controls without making comprises for older technologies. During the presentation we'll walk through some of the main problems I see web application developers running into today:

  • How to handle increasingly large datasets
  • Handling multiple device screen sizes
  • Maintaining speed and performance

We address these three problems by introducing:

  • Wijmo’s powerful (yet familiar) data layer, iCollectionView
  • Our flexible charting library, FlexChart
  • Our classic FlexGrid

At the end of the presentation we'll walk through some live demos from the website.


The purpose of this discussion is to introduce the concepts and features that we employ in Wijmo Enterprise so you can present large data sets in a meaningful, elegant, lightweight fashion.



Thank you to everyone who attended. I had a great time and enjoyed the Q&A session afterwards.


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