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Wijmo Supports Angular 10

Wijmo Supports Angular 10

We are happy to announce that Wijmo supports Angular 10! Wijmo has been supporting Angular since version 1 (AngularJS). We are committed to providing Angular developers a powerful toolset for building enterprise-grade applications. We are pleased to announce that you can start using Angular 10 applications with Wijmo today!

Wijmo offers a large set of fast and flexible Angular components, each with rich declarative markup. We have the best Angular DataGrid with features including sorting, grouping, searching, Excel-like filtering, DataMaps, custom CellTemplates, sparklines, rich editing, Excel/PDF export, validation, DetailRows, and more.

Get Started with Wijmo in Angular 10

To get started, you will need to install the Angular v10.0.0 release.

Then you can install Wijmo's angular components like so:

npm install @grapecity/wijmo.angular2.all

Wijmo Now Enables ESModules

As of 2020v2, we are shipping ESModules. Previously, we had to disable ESM for compatibility with Angular 7 and 8 and an issue in the Ivy compiler. Now, we have enabled ESM and Wijmo will work seamlessly with the compiler.

Wijmo Performance Gains in Angular 10

Now that the Ivy compiler is tree-shaking and making smaller packages and Wijmo provides ESModules, your applications will be smaller than ever. The compiler will remove any unused modules and compile only the JS needed for production. When we tested, we saw about 40% reduction in sizes of Wijmo application bundles after enabling ESM and upgrading to Angular 10.

Warnings About CommonJS Imports

Starting with version 10, the Angular compiler will warn you when your build uses modules packaged in the CommonJS module format. Our older versions of Wijmo disabled ES Modules, and Angular 10 now expects them. Just upgrade your wijmo version to remove these warnings!

Chris Bannon - Global Product Manager

Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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