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Wijmo How To: Create a BarChart from a Table

Wijmo Complete comes with a set of charting and visualization widgets you can use to build great user experiences. In this article, we’ll take a look at building a basic bar chart using Wijmo. Creating Bar Chart with Tables Wijmo allows you to take existing

elements in your applications, and convert them quickly to Bar Charts. Take the following
for example: 1_tablelayout In this example, we’re going to assume I want to display to the user metrics for event check in’s during the course of a morning. The table header contains the time ranges I have metrics for, and the body contains all the values. The end result we’re looking for, and what Wijmo looks for, is an Excel style table that can be turned into a chart. Here is what the rendered result looks like (note: the table style is provided courtesy of the Wijmo MVC Scaffolding project): 2_renderedtable It’s important to note that the dimensions of your BarChart will be determined by the dimensions of the table. This behavior can be overridden in the WijBarChart method call directly. Tables are great ways to display data, but in this case, it would be best for me to display the data in a more graphical way. That’s where Wijmo’s BarChart comes into play. In the comments powered by Disqus