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Wijmo Build 5.20202.732 Available

Wijmo’s latest maintenance release includes enhancements to FlexGrid, FlexChart, input, and support for the new release of Vue 3 and React 17!

Wijmo Supports Vue 3

Wijmo has added support for the Vue 3 official release (version 3.0.0). Our wijmo.vue2.* modules have been upgraded to support Vue 3, so you can continue using the same Vue interop library from Wijmo.

Read more about how Wijmo supports Vue 3 in our blog from the Wijmo engineering team!

Check out our Vue 3 reference applications.

Wijmo Supports React 17

Wijmo also supports React version 17. We have updated our wijmo.react.* modules to support the latest version of React, so you can update your Wijmo packages and upgrade to React 17 now!

Learn more about Wijmo React components.

FlexGrid Editing Improvements

We added a showPlaceholders property to display the column header as a placeholder when editing cells. The showPlaceholders property is especially useful in the MultiRow grid and on grids that allow adding new items.

We also added a KeyAction.CycleEditable setting that causes the grid to move the selection to the next editable column then wraps to the next row—the KeyAction.Cycle Edit setting makes the grid faster to use for users only focused on editing.

More Enhancements

  • [Globalize] Made the parseFloat method stricter. Before, Globalize.parseFloat would parse strings such as "1 1", "1 + 1", or "foo 1 bar 1" as 11 (remove non-digits, then parse). Now it follows stricter rules and parses strings such as those as NaN (not a number).
  • [AutoComplete] Added a beginsWithSearch property to customize the matching behavior. Setting this property to true causes the control to match items that begin with the search term (the default behavior matches items that "contain" the search terms).
  • [Calendar] Added 'weeksBefore' and 'weeksAfter' properties to show additional weeks before and after the current month.
  • [Calendar] Adjusted some CSS rules to make the padding used in calendar items compatible with the padding used in other items (FlexGrid, ListBox, etc.).
  • [UndoStack] Added support for paginated data sources.
  • [FlexChart] Added new Legend.maxSize property that allows you to specify maximum legend size in pixels (maxSize='50px') or percentages (maxSize='20%').

Breaking Changes

  • [Calendar] Clicking a day that belongs to the month before or after the current month causes the calendar to switch months automatically now, as it was in version 5.20202.699.
  • [Globalize] Made the parseDate method honor the time parts of the refDate parameter and the date parts. For example, parseDate('10/10', 'M/yy,' refDate) will return a date where the month/day is parsed from the input string, but the year and time parts are copied from refDate.
Chris Bannon - Global Product Manager

Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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