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Wijmo Build 5.20201.680 is Available

This minor release of Wijmo has some major features! This build includes a new module for easily connecting to Google Sheets, Firestore, and OAuth services.

It also includes a new touch module and a new WebGL rendering engine for charts with millions of data points.

Wijmo Cloud

We are introducing as a new module for more easily integrating cloud services into wijmo. The first integrations in this module are for connecting to Google services:

  • The GoogleSheet class makes it easy to show and edit data from Google Sheets in your Wijmo applications. Google Sheets are easy to set up and use, and they perform well with relatively small datasets. Of course, they are not real databases. You should not use them to store large tables (say with a hundred thousand items), and you should not store mission-critical data in them. But they can be super useful in many situations, and many people have lots of data stored in Google sheets.

  • The Firestore and Snapshot classes make it easy to show and edit data from Firestore databases in your Wijmo applications.

    Firestore is Google's new flexible, scalable NoSQL cloud database. They are designed to store and sync data for the client- and server-side development. Unlike Google Spreadsheets, Firestore is a real database. You can use it to store vast amounts of data, and it is much easier to set up and use than traditional SQL products.

  • The OAuth2 class makes it easy to integrate authentication with these Google services too.

WebGL Chart for Handling Millions of Points

We have had some customers that needed to render millions of points on a scatter chart. We have a lot of performance tuning in our SVG chart to render a lot of data with speed, but we can only do so much when working with many DOM elements. So for this scenario, we are introducing a WebGL chart renderer for FlexChart.

This renderer is in a new wijmo.chart.webgl module. If you are working with charts with millions of data points, you should consider trying it!

Note, that WebGL rendering has certain limitations for now (like being unable to style chart elements with CSS). So it should only be used when needed.

Wijmo Touch

We are introducing a new wijmo.touch module with a polyfill that makes drag-drop work on touch devices the same way it does on desktop machines.

Improved Input Labels

We have improved labeled-control CSS class to make it easier to layout form labels in inputs in any app.

Change Log

  • [Cloud] New module for easy integration with some cloud services from google
  • [Cloud] Added Firestore class to module for connecting to Firestore databases using REST API
  • [Cloud] Added Snapshat class to module for connecting to realtime Firestore database using official client library
  • [Cloud] Added GoogleSheet class to module that makes it easy to show and edit data from Google Sheets.
  • [Cloud] Added an OAuth2 class to module so that you can easily integrate authentication with Google services too
  • [Touch] Added new wijmo.touch module with a polyfill that makes drag-drop work on touch devices the same way it does on desktop machines.
  • [FlexChart] New module wijmo.chart.webgl with high performance WebGLRenderEngine. Set new FlexChart.renderEngine property to use it: flexChart.renderEngine = new WebGLRenderEngine(); The following sample is added to demonstrate the feature: Chart\Performance\WebGL\Scatter
  • [input] improved wj-labeled-control CSS class to make it easier to layout form labels in inputs in any app
  • [FlexSheet] Request to add the EXACT formula in FlexSheet.
  • [ReportViewer/PdfViewer] Added the zoomModeChanged event.
  • [MultiRow] Added an isRowHeader property to the column groups. This makes it possible to show bound and unbound cells with custom layouts in row headers.
  • [MultiRow] Improved support for rowspan property in cell groups.
  • [Styles] Updated Material sub-themes to use scss (used to be less). Now all themes are stand-alone CSS files, they don't require other theme files (or wijmo.css).
  • [Popup, Tooltip] Added a PopupPosition parameter that allows the caller to specify the preferred position of the popup/tooltip with respect to the reference element.
  • [Popup] Added dragging, dragged, resizing, resized events to the Popup control.
  • [GroupPanel] Added a globalized version of the default placeholder content. If you did not set this property and want to keep the control empty, please set the "placeholder" property to an empty string setting it to null will show the default/localized message).
  • [Globalize] The formatNumber function now treats format specifiers "F" and "G" like "f" and "g" (fixed point and general), but with thousand separators.
  • The onSaved callback of the FlexGridXlsxConverter.saveAsync method now called with an empty 'base64' argument when the fileName parameter is empty.
  • [wijmo.grid.pdf] Added PdfFormatItemEventArgs.drawBackground method.
  • [Vue] Added v-wjTooltip attribute directive, which allows you to define a tooltip for any element in the Vue template. The following sample is updated to demonstrate the use of the directive: Input/Menu/ContextMenus
  • [Vue] v-wj-context-menu attribute directive can be defined using the v-wjContextMenu camel-case name now.
  • [React/Redux/ImmutabilityProvider] Added support for column bindings to nested properties, like 'persons[1].surname'.
  • [React/Redux/ImmutabilityProvider] Added cloningItem event, which allows you to use custom logic for cloning items before mutating in complex data scenarios.
Chris Bannon - Global Product Manager

Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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