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Wijmo Beta Plans

Things could not have gone better for us this weekend at jQuery Conference in Boston! We are so excited to have this much interest in our jQuery UI widgets. Did you know that we were just planning to announce the project at jQCon? Yeah, then Richard Worth told us that you (the jQuery community) are going to want to see some code ASAP. So that lit a fire under us to get our entire kit of Open Source widgets up on github. Needless to say we were hard at work during our 10 hour drive from Pittsburgh all the way up to 3 minutes before I walked on stage. Now that we launched Wijmo-Open's Beta, we have some other important stuff to do. So here are the plans.

Launch Wijmo Complete

We have another private repo on github for Wijmo Open. We are currently doing bug fixes and cleaning up all of the widgets in Wijmo Complete. When the first widget is ready, we will make the repo public and commit our first widget. We should have our first widgets posted tomorrow and more will be added as completed. Anyone in the Private Beta will be notified and allowed access to the code and forums.

Host Samples

A lot of you have been asking for a place to view the samples without downloading. This is one of the first things we plan to do now that we are back in Pittsburgh. We should have it posted on our site some time Tomorrow. Thanks for the patience on this one. We just weren't able to get it published in time for the conference with all of our focus on getting everything to github.

Publish Documentation

We have been hard at work writing full documentation for every widget in Wijmo Open and Wijmo Complete. We will be publishing the docs on our website very soon. We hope to have documentation online by Friday. The docs will cover options, events, and methods for each widget. They will also show sample code for initializing each widget as well as sample code for each option.

Release Unit Tests

Our team has been writing unit tests for each widget during development. We have been using QUnit to write the tests, which is a great tool for unit testing JavaScript created by John Resig. We have tried to create a unit test for most of the key features of each widget. We plan to release all of our tests on github to help developers integrate them into their Web applications. We also will be running them prior building and compiling each version of Wijmo for release.

Go Public

On November 22nd we plan to open our Beta to anyone and everyone who wants to join. We hope that the current beta users will submit feedback and ideas to help make the public beta and version 1 even better! So if you are member, please get in the Wijmo forums and post your thoughts.

Chris Bannon - Global Product Manager

Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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