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Wijmo 2013v3 has Landed

I am happy to announce that Wijmo 2013v3 has landed! This is another monumental release for us. This release includes some major new features like Bootstrap support, AMD support, Grid row editing and Grid Command Columns as well as major performance enhancements and a long list of bug fixes.

Bootstrap Support

Bootstrap is a well-designed theme for building web applications. Wijmo now has full support for Bootstrap available as an (optional) integration library. Simply use Bootstrap and our integration library instead of a Wijmo theme and all of our Widgets will be styled by Bootstrap. Wijmo provides over 40 Widgets that seamlessly integrate with Bootstrap. Check out our Bootstrap Explorer.

AMD Support

Wijmo has over 40 widgets included and you are probably only using a few of them in your applications. Make your Wijmo applications faster by using our new AMD support. We provide all of our widgets and their dependencies as Modules. We also provide samples and an AMD loader using RequireJS to make getting started easier. If you want to use the Wijmo Grid, you simply need one small JavaScript reference and can then call require([“wijmo.wijgrid”]). The AMD loader will then download the grid file and files of any dependencies it has. AMD makes it easy to use individual widgets without needing to manage dependencies yourself. Using AMD will also ensure that you are minimizing the file size being downloaded to your clients. Learn how to get started with Wijmo and AMD in our blog.

Grid Row Editing

One of our top requested items on UserVoice has been full-row editing. As usual, we are now shipping that feature! The Wijmo Grid now has an editingMode option that determines how the grid behaves for editing. Set editingMode=”row” and set showEditButton=true in a column to get full row editing in our grid. The edit button will automatically put the row into edit mode when clicked. When in edit mode the Grid will automatically display functional Update and Cancel buttons also.

Grid Command Columns

While adding Row Editing support we had the need for Command Buttons, so we implemented them as a feature. You can now create custom command button columns. Commands can be links, buttons or icon buttons. Commands raise events that you can use to perform any operation you wish.

Grid Performance

We have really focused on performance for this cycle and have made some incredible enhancements to Grid. When using Virtual Mode in our Grid, we can now load 50 records at the same speed we load in 500,000. Virtual Mode can be enabled by setting allowVirtualScrolling=true. We highly recommend taking advantage of this feature. Virtual Mode will render only the rows needed for displaying inside the viewport of the Grid (with some buffer). You will notice that even with a million records, the Grid scroll smoothly and keyboard navigation is seamless.

Input Pickers

We've added two new modern pickers for wijinputdate widget. More Input Enhancements

  • Advanced focus behaviors
  • Display format different than edit format
  • Prefix/suffix support for positive/negative values
  • Advanced (regex) format mode
  • New Keywords for DBCS and SBCS character set

What's New in SpreadJS

SpreadJS has had major improvements in this release. Read the full list of new features here.

SpreadJS Designer

Designer Designer is a standalone application which has Excel-like UI, composed by Ribbon, formula bar, design spreadsheet viewport, and status bar, also provide lot of dialogs context menus for cell format, conditional formatting, Table style, formula reference, user who knows Excel will easily know how to use the Designer.

Import/Export Excel Files

Import/Export Our new ExcelIO service can be used to import Microsoft Excel documents and preserve complete formatting. Interact with the data in Spread from within your application, then export your spreadsheets to Microsoft Excel for portable distribution to your users. Spread supports the current versions of Excel as well as multiple Excel file formats, including Excel (2007 - current XLSX), Excel 97 (XLS), comma-delimited (CSV), and text (TXT). In addition, the ExcelIO service also can be used to export all content in SpreadJS html format file.

Go Get It!

Download Wijmo 2013v3 and explore our new web and mobile widgets.

Chris Bannon - Global Product Manager

Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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