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Why Buy a Financial Chart Control?

Last summer, Wijmo released a JavaScript FinancialChart control that was unlike anything in the third-party control market: it includes eight different specialized financial chart types, with built-in line markers, trend lines, annotations, and more, and was built with Wijmo's trademark speed and small footprint. In C1Studio, we've since released the same control in MVC Edition, and next week, you'll get to try the beta in WPF, UWP, and WinForms.

Why Financial Charts?

Financial charts are highly specialized and, to the layperson, cryptic. I know, because I studied up on them so I could write about them in a "Financial Charts Explained" blog series when the charts were first released. With names like Heikin-Ashi, Renko, and Kagi, these are charts that most of us would furrow our brows at, wondering what exactly they're supposed to tell us. To someone who follows the stock market, these charts offer a vital, brief visualization of the stock market's highs, lows, changes over time, and performance in general. As such, they're exceedingly challenging to build on your own; developers would have to take an out-of-the-box chart control and ensure that all the visual representations, formulas, and data sources are handled flawlessly. ComponentOne Studio FinancialChart for MVC Renko Chart ComponentOne Studio FinancialChart for MVC Renko Chart Our FinancialChart control includes visualization of all the necessary charts, and in some, embeds all the formulas and calculations required to arrive at accurate results. Your job as a developer is to add the control: add the data source; and run it. That's all. Of course, you have a number of properties and features you can set, including a Fibonacci tool and moving averages, and those are all fairly straightforward operations. You can also create a full financial dashboard; the charts are designed to work in tandem on a single screen. In addition, FinancialChart is a child of the new FlexChart control (also available in Wijmo, Xuni, and MVC), so it includes seven of those chart types, as well. It's a well-rounded chart control that meets the needs of the financial industry like no other control currently available. FinancialChart is only available with the purchase of ComponentOne Studio or Ultimate. You can try it out in our 30-day free trial.

Try the MVC Demo

In the FinancialChart beta for WinForms, WPF, and UWP, you'll have fewer features out of the gate, but we'll continue adding more until the launch in November. The desktop and Windows 10 beta releases next week, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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