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What's New in ComponentOne Studio, 2015 v2

We're thrilled to announce the ship of our second major release of 2015! Below you'll find all the top features and enhancements, controls, and editions we're releasing.

Full support for Visual Studio 2015

Sim-shipping Visual Studio 2015

All .NET controls will sim-ship with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

New Edition: Web API

Export Anything, Anywhere! While we plan to release the Web API across most of our platforms eventually, it’s currently available as a technical preview in the ASP.NET MVC Edition, where users will be able to explore its flexibility and power as an exporting feature. Web API will be sold as part of the ComponentOne Studio product (like our OLAP controls) and will not be available in any individual editions.

With our Web API, you can create a pie chart and export it to an image, export your grid to Excel, or import a full Excel file into a FlexGrid. The possibilities are limited only by the developer’s imagination.

WinForms Edition

New Control: Report Preview for WinForms (Beta)

Display C1Report and SSRSReports in a single viewer! The modern-looking design features a sidebar and ribbon in today’s best design trends; zooming; full print capabilities; search; export; preview; tooltips; and more.

Reports for WinForms Enhancements

Other WinForms Enhancements

Important Note

From 2015 v2 onwards, additional DLLs should be added in your existing projects.

  1. For WinForms/Web Applications referencing C1.C1Report.4 dll, please add C1.Win.4 and C1.Win.Barcode.4 dlls to your projects.
  2. For WPF Applications referencing C1.WPF.C1Report.CustomFields.4 dll, please add C1.Win.4 and C1.Win.Barcode.4 dlls to your projects.
  3. For Silverlight applications referencing C1.WPF.C1Report.CustomFields.4 dll, please add C1.Win.4 and C1.Win.Barcode.4 dlls to your projects.

WPF Edition

FlexSheet for WPF is officially released

Edit, import and export Excel spreadsheets, manipulate rows, apply pre-coded formulas or create your own. Read more about FlexSheet >>

  • New properties include:
    • ShowSingleTab: Gets or sets a value that determines whether the tab strip is shown when the control has only one sheet.
    • TabItemShape: Gets or sets the geometric shape of the sheet tabs.
    • EditOptions: Gets or sets the edit Options of Flex sheet tabs.
    • FlexSheetEditOptions:
      • None: Not show contextMenu of FlexSheet tabs.
      • Insert: Show contextMenu that insert a new sheet.
      • Delete: Show contextMenu that delete a selected sheet.
      • Rename: Show contextMenu that rename a selected sheet.
      • Hide: Show contextMenu that hide a selected sheet.
      • Unhide: Show contextMenu that unhide all of hidden sheet.
      • AllowDrag: Allow drag the sheet tabs.
      • All: Show all of edit option contextMenus and allow drag sheet tabs.​

New Control: Ratings for WPF

Ratings for WPF allows users to interactively share opinions with a click. Customize the control to show stars, thumbs, bars, and interactive animation.

New Themes in WPF

Themes for WPF extends support for the Microsoft Ribbon control in .NET 4.5. Our popular Office 2013 and Cosmopolitan themes now work for all standard Microsoft controls. Don’t sacrifice aesthetics!

Other WPF Enhancements

Scheduler for WPF provides better keyboard support and now supports grouping in dark themes. You can also apply themes to WPF views and dialogs.



  • MVC6 and ASP.NET 5.0 Compatible: When Microsoft releases ASP.NET 5.0, our MVC controls will pass your QA tests with flying colors. We’re fully compatible with post MVC6 and ASP.NET 5.0.
  • TagHelpers Support available with ASP.NET5 MVC6: Developers and designers alike will love the readable code they get from TagHelpers integration. Take full advantage of the HTML editor!
  • FlexChart for MVC now offers TrendLines and RangeSelector features.

WinRT Edition

WinRT Edition Windows 10 Support

Our Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 Editions have been tested for compatibility with Windows 10 devices.

New Control: ColorPicker for WinRT

Select colors from professionally designed palettes or build your own custom colors, including support for transparency, with the new ColorPicker for WinRT.

Barcodes Windows Phone 8.1 Support

The new cross-platform Barcodes library that was shipped in 2015 v1 now extends support to Windows Phone 8.1.

LightSwitch Edition

New Platform Releasing July 29: Lightswitch Cloud Business Apps

With our LightSwitch Edition, we continue to provide new functionality based on Microsoft’s development direction. FlexGrid was released in the Cloud Business Apps in v1, and two weeks post-v2, we’ll be releasing CBA-based versions of Charts and Gauges. Any business using Lightswitch would benefit from the cloud version of controls.

ASP.NET Web Forms Edition

Minor updates to ASP.NET Web Forms.

  • GridView Keyboard navigation: Move focus to next control if last cell is selected.
  • TreeView Keyboard navigation: Move focus to next control with Tab key.
  • Allow drag and drop of each node in TreeView : Added allow Drag/ allowDrop options to wijtreenode.

Silverlight Edition

Minor bug fixes and updates to Silverlight Edition. Bug fixes

  • C1NumericBox: Fixed the issue that leading zero is removed while editing.
  • C1TileListBox: Fixed the issue that BringIndexIntoView method does not works correctly.
  • C1ContextMenu: Fixed the issue that offset property always returns 0.
  • C1RadialMenu: Fixed the issue displays text rotated with certain culture settings.
  • Theming: Fix the issues that xmlParseException occurs on applying BureauBlack theme to controls.
  • DataGrid: BottomRow shows a validation error while validating the last row in C1DataGrid
  • C1DockControl: Fixed the issue that Layout of C1DockControl is not preserved.
  • C1FlexGrid: Fix the issue that argumentOutOfRangeException occurs when copying the chart in C1FlexSheet.
  • C1FlexGrid: Fix the issue that incorrect Cell Navigation when setting FlowDirection to"RightToLeft".


  • OLAP: Made OlapCellFactory public so that customer can customize CellFactory for OlapGrid.
  • FlexGrid: Added RowCol.VisibleIndex property. This property is read-only. If element's IsVisible property is True, VisibleIndex property returns index of element in the collection of visible items.
  • Scheduler: Added C1Calendar.SelectionMode property. The default value is SelectionMode.Extended. It keeps the same behavior as in previous released versions.
  • Scheduler: SelectionMode.Multiple allows the user to select multiple items without pressing a modifier key. Note, even if this property value allows to select multiple items, the actual number of selected days might be limited by the value of the MaxSelectionCount property.
  • Scheduler: Honor Escape key at in-place appointment editing

No updates to ActiveX controls in this release.

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