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What's New in ActiveReportsJS 5.0

We are excited to announce the release of the newest version of ActiveReportsJS. ActiveReportsJS 5.0! This update includes changes to the packages and library branding, changing it from GrapeCity to MESCIUS, revamps to our Report Designer and Port Viewer, the new Visual Studio Code Extension, and other improvements to the product.

Rebranding to MESCIUS

With the rebranding from GrapeCity to MESCIUS, we’re introducing new NPM package names. The GrapeCity packages will remain available for one year, providing sufficient time for developers to update their applications to the new packages. The table below outlines the association between the GrapeCity packages and the new MESCIUS packages:

GrapeCity Package














The public API exposed via UMD modules has also been updated to use the MESCIUS namespace. The table below shows the corresponding changes for the most commonly-used APIs:

Legacy Namespace

New Namespace







Make sure to update your code references to reflect these changes to ensure compatibility with the new MESCIUS packages and namespaces.

User Interface Updates

We’ve updated the icons and colors for both the Report Designer and Report Viewer components to give them a modern look and feel. Additionally, we’ve enhanced the theming capabilities, making applying one of our pre-defined themes easier than ever.

User Interface Update

Visual Studio Code Extension

You can now create and modify reports from within Visual Studio Code. The ActiveReportsJS extension is available for free on the marketplace. You can use it without a license, with the evaluation banner displayed at both design time and preview time, or you can enter your license key in the extension settings.

Visual Studio Code Extension 

Report Parts

We’re happy to introduce Report Parts to ActiveReportsJS! This innovative feature enables developers and report authors to design and organize pre-defined, reusable report items into convenient Report Part Libraries. These libraries simplify the report creation process for non-technical users, allowing them to easily integrate and customize report components. With this feature, you can build a fully customized report designer tailored for non-tech users, enhancing both efficiency and consistency in report creation.


  • RichText report items now support the line-height style attribute
  • Projects that are built with Vite.js do not require any additional configuration; this is applicable for Svelte and Nuxt.js projects as well
  • The Report Designer now includes the new layout tab on the application bar, which allows you to perform layout operations on multiple report items

New Report Designer Layout Tab


Ready to Check Out the Latest Release? Download ActiveReportsJS Today!

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