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What's New In ActiveReports 14.2

Check out What's New in the latest release of ActiveReports 14.2!

This is the second service pack of ActiveReports 14. Aside from several fixes reported and requested by our community, this release includes functionality many have been waiting for—namely, Section Reports on .NET Core.

Section Reports in .NET Core

What's New In ActiveReports 14.2

Support for .NET Core was initially rolled out with the ActiveReports 14.0 release at the beginning of the year for Page, and RDL reports. Now, with 14.2, you can render any report type (code based section reports, *.rpx reports, RDL, or Page) and export them using Rendering Extensions or Export Filters on the .NET Core framework. Section Reports support deployment to Windows machines.

Scripts: Extending Runtime Capabilities in .NET Core

ActiveReports has always supported runtime scripts in reports. You can now include custom code in the "Script" section of any of your report files to extend the runtime capabilities in .NET Core. For section reports (both code-based and XML based), these scripts execute based on a raised event, such as ReportStart, DetailFormat, and Before (or After) Print. With Page and RDL reports, you can either use expressions for simple dynamic reporting on .NET Core or use custom scripts for complex functions. These scripts are called in an individual control's property, such as value, thus changing the control's value or appearance at runtime.

Enlarging Scripts in .NET Reports

While on the topic of scripts, another enhancement we've included in this release is zoom using the Ctrl + mouse scroll in the Visual Studio integrated designer. This enhancement is a great new feature that makes enlarging text much more manageable.

What's New In ActiveReports 14.2 What's New In ActiveReports 14.2 What's New In ActiveReports 14.2

Parameters in JSON URL

What's New In ActiveReports 14.2

Finally, it is now easier to use parameters with your JSON data. If you need to pass parameters to filter your JSON data, you can do so by merely concatenating

"?myField=" & Parameters!myParamName.Value 

to your JSON URL.

As you already know, this service pack is a free update to our existing ActiveReports 14 users. To update your applications to 14.2 assemblies, update your NuGet packages to the latest 14.2.x version available on

Or you can download our installer from our website. If you are not yet an ActiveReports 14 user, you can get a FREE 30-day trial ActiveReports 14.2 from our downloads page.

Mateen Firoz

Mateen Firoz

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