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What's New for WinForms 2014v1?

"New" is a relative term. For someone who has no prior experience of blazing fast performance, stable code, ease of use and reliability etc., the complete Studio For WinForms, is a new experience. For the rest of us, who have benefited with ComponentOne Studios, "New" means out of the box, "New" means taking something good and making it better.

On those lines, for our current release, we took what we already had in our repertoire, and made it better.

New Themes

Get more now with more professional themes added to the suite. Design your applications easier, faster and make them more appealing thanks to us :) (a little self praise never hurt anyone).

New Themes New Themes


Print, Filter, Group your data with these features now inbuilt in to the control. Write minimal code and enable the best of end user features for your applications. Samples_ganttView_whats new page


Filter like MSExcel. I know, lots of vendors claim that they provide Excel like filtering in their Grids. In true essence what is excel like filtering? The ability to show a filter row and select filter types? That wasn't enough for us. We went ahead and provided true excel like Filtering, even in multicolumn filters. So now the second filter you set, only shows you valued already filtered based on the first one you set.

Updated Built in Applications

ComponentOne ReportDesigner ComponentOne ReportDesigner

We know how much effort goes into creating an application from scratch. There are numerous aspects to deal with, and the scope we are talking about here is just the design and development of your application.

ComponentOne ThemeDesigner ComponentOne ThemeDesigner

We have upgraded our Demos, so that you don't have to start from the Ground up, but build on an already solid foundation. To experience professional themes in action you can check out bundled applications like, ReportDesigner and ThemeDesigner.

To check out more controls and even more features, visit us at,

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